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Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting – Which Should You Choose?

So you’ve decided that you want to host a website to share your idea or business with the world. Before you can get your site off the ground, you need to choose a suitable hosting plan. When choosing a hosting package it’s important to know which options are available, and which of those plans will […]

How To Create A WordPress Blog In 5 Minutes

  WordPress is one of the most popular ways of building a website, and millions of people use it for anything from blogs to portfolios to Ecommerce business websites. It’s ease of use and extensive features have helped it grow to the position it’s currently in, and today nearly 25% of all websites are powered […]

The Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms For 2018

When starting an Ecommerce website, the options are seemingly endless – as the online economy grows, so does the options for platforms. Each platform has it’s pros and cons depending on the type of ecommerce website you’re hosting, and some platforms provide a more suitable solution over other platforms. To help you decide the right […]

How To Make Money From Web Hosting

Web hosting is undoubtedly a fundamental part of your online presence, allowing you to reach out to your viewers easily, manage your communications in one place, and help push products in your online store. But you might not be aware that you can make money from web hosting without needing to rent space in a […]

Bolstering Malware Defences On cPanel Servers With ClamAV

When administering shared servers with lots of accounts, dealing with malware is almost an inevitability. With platforms such as WordPress and Joomla being exploited constantly, it’s increasingly important to know how to deal with malware. Here are some useful tips to improve your defences against malicious activity on a typical cPanel server using ClamAV. The […]

Protecting Your Server Against Malware With ModSecurity

In the world of web hosting, dealing with malware and compromised accounts is a daily occurrence. As more and more content management systems become popular, the exploits to these systems become more widely known. Patching your systems to the latest version is not always enough, and it’s more important than ever to ensure that you […]

Net Neutrality and our internet freedom – should we be worried?

What is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality is the term used to describe the concept that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must give all of their customers the equal right to access all content over the internet, and not block certain areas of information or data. Simply put – it’s the idea that ISPs must not restrict […]

Managing your projects and documentation with Confluence

  One of the fundamental aspects of any great project is how it is managed – without an efficient method of tracking progress, roles and tasks, it’s easy to get off track which can result in a less productive team and in turn increase the time taken to finish the project. Without an easily accessible […]

Gaming Server: 4 Things You Should Know in 2019

What is a private gaming server? If you want to host a tournament, use modifications or create a private environment to play the game of your choice, you’re limited with regular servers. What if you want to customize the setup of the server you’re playing on, or the game itself? If you’re experiencing bad connection […]

How to build a High Availability Apache Cluster on Centos 7

The Project One of our clients recently approached us to deploy a High Availability (HA) solution for a mission-critical website. The website required LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) stack capable of withstanding a high volume of traffic and as close to 100% uptime as possible. After some research, we decided the best way to implement […]