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The term “cloud” has become a major buzzword in the tech world of today. It’s a universal term which people have come to understand to mean the area on the internet where you can store programs, and data. Introduced in 16 February 2016 through the new gTLD program, the domain name has become hugely popular for individuals or businesses operating in the cloud space.

The cloud computing industry is growing every day, so there’s never been a better time to launch your business into the cloud.

Why choose a .cloud domain?

Owning a .cloud web address gives you the tools to strengthen the association of your business, with the cloud industry. Your clients will instantly be aware of the products you offer and the services you provide – which will in turn, give you more prominence on search engines.

.cloud is suitable for a large variety of products and services, and with cloud technology being so popular, there’s a high chance your business will be involved in cloud computing if your in the IT business.

Join the major industry players and build your brand and grow your business in the cloud with a .cloud domain name.

The sky’s the limit with a .cloud domain

With the .cloud domain, you’ll have a web address with industry recognition at a glance. Not only will you have an instantly recognisable public-facing name, but you’ll also find it easier to collaborate with similar businesses in your industry.

The cloud industry is a growing, innovative space where useful services and products are shared between professionals and consumers alike. A .cloud domain is the ideal way to reach out to the world and your cloud-based customers.

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