How to add a contact/sub-account in the Client Area

First, login to your billing account from the Client Area.



From the Clients Area main screen, locate the Contacts section and click on “+ New Contact”.



You will then be redirected to the Add New Contact screen. From there, you will need to enter the information required for the new contact you will be adding to your account. Also, you will have the option to tick the boxes for the email notifications that you might like this contact to be receiving in the future. Please note that this will not have an own access to the Clients Area, only a contact reference that can receive notifications from UKHost4u.

How To Change Account Password For cPanel

How to change Account Password for cPanel?

  1. Login to your cPanel account. (Don’t know how to login to your cPanel account? Click here)
  2. Locate the category “Security” from the cPanel Home Screen and click on “Password & Security”.



  1. Inside the “Password & Security” screen, you can proceed to change the password for your account. Also, consider checking the password strength to see if you have weak and strong password. Then click on “Change your password now!” once done entering the password of your choice.


Using the Password Generator

How to change your password for the Client Area

First, login to your billing account from the Client Area.


In the Client’s Area screen, locate and click the “Update” button.



This will take you to your Accounts screen and will show all your details. You can go ahead and click on “Change Password”.



The next screen will show you the fields for the existing password and new password. Enter the password you wish to use and then click on “Save changes”.

How to change your account details

First, login to your billing account through the Client Area.

In the Client Area home, in the “Your Details” box click Update.

Here you can change any of your contact information.

You can also change your password, security information, billing information or Contacts by clicking the relevant option in the “My Account” menu to the left.



How to pay an invoice

First, login to the billing system here

Or here if you are a NH by UKHost4u customer.

Once logged in, you’ll see the following icons:

Go to “Invoices”, and you will see a list of your invoices:


For an unpaid invoice, select the “Unpaid” box in the Status column. This will bring up a view of the Invoice, where you can select “Pay Now”. This will bring you to a screen where you can enter the card details to pay the invoice with.