Dedicated Server

Installing CentOS 7 Using Supermicro IPMI

This article will show you how to install Centos 7 Linux using your Supermicro IPMI/KVM.

Assuming you have logged in and accessed your Supermicro PMI/KVM Management.



Launching the KVM console

Connect to the server via IPMI (Remote Console). Go to Remote Control > Console Redirection and click on the Launch Console button.

Note: JAVA is required to be installed as IPMI will be using JAVA Viewer Applet for you to manage the server console.



How To Access Supermicro IPMI/KVM Management And Overview

This guide will show you how to access your IPMI/KVM Manager for your dedicated server.

Assuming you have a dedicated server from UKHOST4U and already have connection to UKHost4u VPN. Using the credentials given by the hosting company, you may login to your KVM Manager.

Here’s the information you’ll need before starting:

  • KVM IP Address: XX.XX.XX.XX
  • Username: Your KVM Username
  • Password: Your KVM Password.

Connecting to the KVM

First, you need to connect to UKHost4u VPN (Guide to connect to UKHost4u VPN) and access your KVM IP address from your browser.


How to install cPanel and WHM on a VPS or Dedicated Server

cPanel is one of the most well-know, most reliable, and easy to use control panels for web hosting. It includes a comprehensive range of features in a powerful graphical user interface which is used to manager all shared, reseller, and business hosting services and resources.

Web Host Manager (WHM) is the administrator version of cPanel, providing full root or reseller access and a range of administrative features not present in the user level cPanel installation.

cPanel is the user level version of the software allowing access to web hosting account features and controls.