How to create a domain alias in cPanel

Creating new “Aliases” in cPanel. These are called “Parked Domains” on older versions of cPanel.

To use a domain alias, you must first register the domain name from a registrar (ie; Nominet and OpenProvider) and must configure the domain name’s DNS records to redirect you to your website’s nameservers.

A domain alias (parked domain) is usually used to reserve a domain that does not have any website associated, or as a placeholder for an existing website. You can create an alias and then redirect it to your main domain hosted within UKHost4u through cPanel.

How to renew domain name registration

First, login to your billing account through the Client Area.

Once logged in to the Billing Area, click on “Domains” tab to see the domain names under your account.

Within the Domains page, you can see the domain names that are registered under your account.

For this one, we will be renewing the domain name “”. To continue on the renewal process, click on the drop down menu as seen on the images below and choose “Manage Domain”.

Inside the “Manage Domain” screen, you will be given an option to renew your domain registration. As seen below.

How to add, remove and redirect a subdomain in cPanel

How to add, remove and redirect a subdomain in cPanel


Login to your cPanel account. (Don’t know how to login to your cPanel account? Click here)

Under the category “Domains”, locate and click on the “Subdomains”.

Once inside the Subdomains screen, you can add the name of your new subdomain on the field.

The “Document Root” field will automatically populates with the location of your directory that can be found within the File Manager. Just click on the “Create” button once done.

How to do WHOIS lookup

History of WHOIS

In 1982, when the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) started a protocol used for creating directory service for users of  ARPANET (which became the Internet). The directory simply listed the contact informations that was requested by anyone over the network. The WHOIS protocol eventually inherited by ICANN in 1998.

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a TCP-based transaction-oriented query/response protocol that is widely used to provide information services to the INTERNET users. Basically, it tells you “who is” responsible for a domain name or an IP Address.

How to transfer a domain name to another provider

First, login to your billing account through the Client Area.

Next, go to Domains > My Domains, and select the ACTIVE box beside the domain name to be transferred.

Now you need to select “Registrar Lock” on the left hand side under Actions:

On this page, select “Disable Registrar Lock” to allow your domain name to transfer.

Once registrar lock has been disabled, go to “Get EPP Code”:

This page will give you the authorization code that you must give to your new provider in order to complete the transfer process.

How to transfer a domain to UKHost4u

First, login to your billing account through the Client Area.

Next, navigate to Domains > Transfer Domains to Us.

Now you should enter the domain name and the EPP code you received from your old registrar.

Finally, click “Add to Cart” to add the transfer to your cart.


How to change your domain’s Nameservers

First, login to your billing account in the Client Area.

Go to “Domains > My Domains”, and click the ACTIVE button beside the domain name.

Then select “Nameservers” on the left hand side underneath Actions:

You’ll then see the current nameservers for your domain name.

To change these, simply enter the new nameservers and click “Change Nameservers”:



How to check your domain’s Nameservers

You will get the information about UKhost4u nameservers for domain name of your website in your UKhost4u’s welcome mail. If you are a shared hosting customer, you can also find this information about your UKhost4u nameservers within your cPanel.

In Welcome Email

In your UKhost4u’s welcome email, which was sent at the time you signed up for your hosting package, is included, the nameservers list for your hosting account. These nameservers can be utilized on all sites that are hosted on your UKhost4u webhosting account.

In case you lose your welcome email, then you can request it again through submitting a ticket, phone or live chat with our billing department.

How to create an addon domain in cPanel

First, navigate to the “Addon Domains” section:

To create an addon domain:

  1. Enter the domain for the new addon domain in the New Domain Name field.
    • Note: When you enter the domain name, cPanel automatically populates the Subdomain/FTP Username field. If you are creating multiple addons with similar domain names (differing only in .com, .net, etc.), be sure to manually enter a unique username into the Subdomain/FTP Username field.
  2. Enter the directory that will contain the addon domain’s files in the Document Root field.
  3. Enter the password for the addon domain into the Password field.
    • Make sure you use a secure password.

How to create a DNS record in cPanel

First, navigate to the Zone Editor in cPanel:

Click “Manage” beside the domain name.

Select “Add Record” to add a new DNS record (you may choose the type of record to create from the drop-down box).


Here you can enter the value of your DNS record in the boxes as indicated.