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If you do any type of business through your website, especially if customers submit their personal information on it, security should be high on your list of priorities. To help keep you and your customers safe online, UKHost4u provides a web hosting SSL service. With a SSL certificate for your website, you can ensure that the information exchanged between customers and your site is encrypted and thus safe from interception. Using SSL is crucial if you accept credit card payments on your website, but it’s not something limited to just e-commerce websites. Any type of website can take advantage of the higher level of security, trust and authentication it provides.

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Comodo and GeoTrust SSL Certificates 

Web Hosting With GeoTrust SSL

An SSL certificate is a means of authenticating websites and website users. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, an internet protocol created for this purpose. The certificate is simply a small data file that binds important data such as company or domain names to public keys. It also contains a serial number and digital signature from the organization issuing the certificate. This verifies that the certificate and its associated key belongs to the named certificate holder.

According to the SSL protocol each new user is also assigned a private key. When you log on to a website this uniquely identifies you and forms a public-private key pair that no one else can duplicate. Information sent from the site is encrypted, but it can only be decrypted by a client with the private key.
Installing an SSL certificate on your site shows visitors that you operate a secure site where their information is safe traveling across the internet. Sites protected by SSL start with the prefix “HTTPS” rather than “HTTP”; the extra “S” means “secure”.

Web Hosting With Comodo SSL

Millions of mobile device users are using their smartphones to shop for goods and services on the go. Capturing your share of this huge potential market isn’t possible without a good online presence.

That begins with a well-designed web site and a reliable web hosting provider to publish your site on their servers. But there are other things you can do to ensure that your site is one that visitors will trust. People are naturally hesitant to share their personal information. The most visible way to provide confidence in your site’s security is an SSL certificate. “SSL” is short for “Secure Sockets Layer”, an internet authentication protocol using encryption. The digital SSL certificate includes a public key assigned to your website. It’s verified and signed by the certificate issuer. SSL provides a unique private key to each new user so that decryption of communication only takes place on the computer providing the unique private key. This form of authentication makes your sensitive data unreadable to anyone else.

Web Hosting SSL Protection

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates are small files that digitally bind details like URLs and company names to a cryptographic public key. A certificate encrypts information exchanged between client and server. There are actually two keys generated, a public key and a private key. Messages sent with a public key can only be unlocked by the user’s private key. Details on credit card charges, logins, and more are encrypted and can’t be read without the private key. When you access a site where a certificate is installed, the familiar HTTP becomes HTTPS. The “S” stands for secure. Certificate-secured sites can be recognized by a padlock symbol or a green background that appears in your browser’s address bar.

Web Hosting Spam Protection

Spam can be defined as “unsolicited” emails sent to multiple addresses. This form of advertising is done often, as it costs very little. Most people receive dozens of spam emails every day; in fact, the majority of emails being sent are spam.

Spam emails can be not only annoying, but dangerous. Hackers may distribute viruses, false links, phishing scams, and other cyber threats by email. The best form of web hosting spam protection for your site is a spam filtering program.

UK Reseller Hosting Plans

Reseller hosting is a means for entrepreneurs without the server resources of their own to lease and resell those of an existing hosting provider as an independent hosting company. Some customers use this opportunity to recoup their own hosting costs. Web developers or e-commerce firms might act as resellers to provide their clients hosted accounts as part of their own services.

At UKHost4u, you pay for a specified amount of resources and lease it to your own clients at any price or in any increments you choose. If you have some knowledge of hosting management, you can profit from our reseller hosting plans!

Best Reseller Hosting Plans for Premium Reseller Service

Reseller hosting is a particular type of web hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide hosting services to their own customers while using the resources of the parent web host.

This service gives you the opportunity to become a web host yourself without having to acquire your own infrastructure or be responsible for the maintenance and management of servers and networking equipment. With a reseller hosting account, you pay a single fee for your main account. You then have the opportunity to sell “sub accounts” to your end users. If you manage to acquire enough customers, you can earn more revenue than what your reseller account costs and thus make a profit.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

One option when considering a web host is reseller hosting. This is a business model where the hosting company permits parts or all of its hosting services to be sold through an individual or third party company. As the account owner, you can use your allotted drive storage and bandwidth to resell web hosting services to others. The reseller usually buys the hosting account at reduced wholesale rates and resells it for a profit. A portion of the original resources are leased to each new customer.

Standard Reseller Hosting

In the realm of web design and development services, there are many service providers that wish to provide hosting services as a value-added component of a turn-key web development package. This pool of resellers includes database developers, web design firms, internet marketing consultants specializing in search engine optimization, graphic designers, web copy writers, and much more.

These clients typically seek reseller hosting packages to avoid the high capital expense of setting up network infrastructure to support a server rack and the continuing operational expense of maintaining the servers with a skilled IT workforce. UKHost4U understands this market segment and provides two reseller hosting plans boasting excellent features.

Budget Web Hosting

In the 21st century, putting your business online just makes sense. The marketplace is no longer trapped behind four walls, a partition, and a cash register. More people than ever before are shopping from their couches, their tables in the local pub, or even just while relaxing in the park. If you want to succeed, you must reach them. You have to balance, however, the cost of operating in cyberspace with your income to determine if investing in such online growth is cost-effective or not.

Main Features

By offering exceptional web hosting services at a reasonable price, UKHost4u strives to provide the cost-effectiveness you seek without sacrificing any quality. We at UKHost4u provide many functions and options as standard features in our budget web hosting package, including: