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Complaints Escalation Procedure

UKHost4u aim to provide the best possible level of service to our customers at all times. However, from time to time issues can arise that need to be escalated to a manager. The following section gives information on how to contact us if you have a complaint.

Please note that if you are not a customer of UKHost4u and wish to raise a complaint regarding abuse you have received (phishing attempts, malware, scams, spam, etc) from either a domain name under our control or server on our network, please contact us at with as much detail as possible. We will investigate your complaint as soon as possible.

Contact Us

If you are unhappy with the service we've provided in any way and do not feel that you have received a satisfactory response from our customer support staff, you may send your complaint to You can expect to receive a response to your message within three working days.

Action and Resolution

On receipt of your complaint, a manager will thoroughly investigate any issue raised and propose a course of action for resolution. Depending on the nature of the issue, it may take time to complete an investigation. We will aim to advise how long this will take in advance.

Further Action

If you remain unsatisfied with our attempts to resolve the issue, we will advise of possible ways in which you can escalate the matter. For example, by contacting Trading Standards or if it is regarding a domain name the registrar authority.