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How to run a trace route on my domain?

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  • How to run a trace route on my domain?

There are a set of instructions for each specific operating system, please follow the one according to your system:

*In all examples you need to replace with your existing domain name*

  •  Windows:

1. Open Start menu
2. Click Run
3. Type cmd and press enter

For Windows 8.x and 10 – use the search window, type “command prompt” and click on the Command Prompt result.

4. In the command prompt type tracert* and press enter

This will provide traceroute results from your computer to*. You can also use tracert with an IP, i.e. tracert

  • Linux:

Open a terminal window and type traceroute -I*. The -I option is necessary so that the traceroute uses ICMP. You can also use traceroute with an IP, i.e. traceroute -I

  • Mac OS:

Mac OS is a UNIX-based operating system such as Linux. This means that you can perform a traceroute check exactly as in Linux – traceroute -I* executed in a terminal window.

The other option is to go to the Applications folder > Utilities > Network Utility > Traceroute . Type the domain or IP address in the field under “Please enter the network address to trace an internet route to” and click Trace.

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