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How to share your cloud environment?

Share your UKHost4u Cloud Environment

When you create an environment in your UKHost4u Cloud Solutions Platform, you automatically become its Owner. You will be able to share it with other Users and specify the access rights for each of them.

  • Owners: have full control over the environment. Owners can also permit the Users to change the environment topology, and give them access via SSH. Finally, only the Owner is charged for the shared environment and not its Users.
  • Users: can perform a wide range of actions within this shared environment such as deploying applications, changing the configurations, reading the log files, viewing the statistics, etc.
    However, the only exception is that they cannot clone an environment.

Now, if you want to share your UKHost4u Cloud Environment, you can use:

  • Your registered account
  • Or an unregistered email which will be signed up automatically

So let’s see now how you can share your environments:

Share your environment using a registered account

To share your environment with one or more UKhost4u Cloud Solutions Users and set for them the appropriate permissions:

1. Open your environment’s Settings.

2. Click on the Collaboration section -> “Add” and then simply fill in the with the new user’s email.

PLEASE NOTE: you can tick the Change topology / SSH access box if you would like to permit these activities for the specified user.

3. Click Save. Once done, this user will receive an email notification about environment sharing and can start to manage it.

Share your environment using an unregistered account

To share your environment with one or more Users not registered with UKHost4u Cloud Solutions and set for them the appropriate permissions:

1. Open your environment’s Settings.

2. In the Collaboration section, add the Email of the user that you want to share the environment with.

3. Click on the Save button. Firstly, you will see this user in the list with custom triangle signs:


This means the invitation to the user was sent.

PLEASE NOTE: this user will disappear from the list until the user registered his account and logged in UKHost4u Cloud Solutions Platform.

4. The pending user will receive an email inviting him / her to join your collaboration. When the invitation is confirmed, this user will be automatically registered and will receive an email notification with credentials to his / her UKHost4u Cloud Solutions account. And finally, you will be notified about this confirmation via email.

PLEASE NOTE: this new user is only registered and added to your collaboration. However, no environments have been shared yet.
To share an environment with this user, simply perform the sharing step one more time:

  • Navigate to Settings > Collaboration
  • Add the same Email
  • Select the permissions by ticking the Change topology/SSH box or not
  • Click on Save
  • This user will receive a notification about the shared environment

What’s the trial period for new users?

Recently registered users will have trial status by default. Which means that our usual trial limitations will be applied.

Once the trial period is over, the user will be deactivated until the account is converted to a paid one.

New users benefit from a FREE 14 days trial period that you can start here.

If you need more info on your account limitations: Balance > Quotas & Pricing > Account Limits tab. Find how to upgrade or refill your UKHost4u Cloud Solutions account here.

Note: users can be provided with an “eternal” trial period and, in exchange, be forbidden to create their own environments. Such environment sharing can be also performed via the account collaboration setting.

How to manage your shared environment?

To manage an environments shared by or with you, simply click the Settings button in the top right corner of your dashboard.

Navigate to the Collaboration section:

  • If you are the environment’s owner, click on the Shared by Me option.
    From there, you can remove your environment’s access for any user or just limit the permissions by unticking the Change topology/SSH access box.
  • If you are the user of someone’s environment, click on the Shared with Me option.
    From there you can decline from using someone’s shared environment.

Now you’re ready to work with your team on your cloud environment.

Need help?

You have a question? You need our support? Feel free to raise all your queries directly using our Support Ticket platform or directly via our Live Chat.

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