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Take advantage of our scalable Cloud VPS servers which take advantage of the Elastic VPS stack. You can change your CPU, Memory and Disk Space in just a few clicks - and you only pay for what you use.

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Elastic VPS Hosting
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Get your own UK Cloud VPS

VPS packages are very popular in the application hosting market, but we have taken them to the next level by adding support for scalable VPS servers, which are powered by dedicated processing and storage nodes with high availability.

graphic depicting environment isolation

Environment Isolation 

Each VPS represents an entirely independent build, which is accessible only via the dedicated IP address and cannot be influenced by other users.

graphic of different statistic options on computer screen

Full control

Our VPS servers are provided with full root level access, allowing you to manage and control them in any way you wish.

graphic depicting scalability by adding new nodes to cluster


All our VPS products can be live scaled with the options to set CPU, Memory, and Disk space, with the option to vertically and horizontally scale.

graphic of spanner depicting configuration

High Availability

 We host our 100% SSD storage drives independent to our host nodes, which means in case of a hardware failure your system is live migrated to a new host node with no downtime.

graphic showing price per use payment model


No fixed prices - we only charge you for the CPU, Memory and Disk space you use, with pricing starting as low as just a couple of pounds per month.

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Locally Hosted

All our servers are located within the UK and all data is stored within the same geographical location.

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Why Should You Use UKhost4u's VPS Hosting Services?

Pay As You Use - Pricing

Only pay for your real consumption, not the total server size. With UKHost4u you pay based on the Cloudlets you use hourly.

Active Cloudlets:

Instant dynamic scaling resource for your application, you only pay for what you use.

You can limit your scale using the topology wizard and set the maximum allowed per server.

Active CloudletsCost per Active Cloudlets
Per HourPer MonthDiscount
1 - 7£0.0037£2.710%
8 - 15£0.0033£19.4810%
16 - 29£0.0030£32.4720%

Reserved Cloudlets:

These cloudlets are reserved for your personal usage (using the topology wizard).

You pay a small price to reserve them but at a lower rate to active cloudlets.

Reserved CloudletsCost per Reserved Cloudlet
Per HourPer MonthDiscount
1 - 7£0.0030£2.1620%
8 - 15£0.0026£15.1530%
16 -29£0.0022£24.3540%

Disk options

Disk space is charged hourly per GB of disk space used in your environment.

Disk UsedPrice per GB / HourPrice per GB / Month
5GB Upwards£0.0002£0.146

Traffic Usage Options

Traffic usage is charged hourly. The discount level is based on the amount of external traffic used per environment in the previous month. Internal traffic is absolutely free!

External traffic last monthFree / hourPrice per GB
1GB - ∞2GB£0.03

UKHost4u SSL

This is a protocol which establishes a secure connection between your client and your UKHost4u environment. The charge is taken hourly.

NamePrice / HourPrice / Month

External IP

This is an external IP address which is directly accessible from outside of the cluster. The charge is taken hourly.

OptionsPrice Item / HourModel Item / Month
Public IP-Enable Container£0.0028£2.002

Affordable Elastic VPS Hosting Pricing

Pay only for the resources you actually use, and not a limit you’ll never reach.

Pay-per-Use Pricing Model

Full pricing is clearly displayed on the topology wizard allowing you to keep full control of your budget.

Why choose UKHost4u's Scalable Cloud Solution?

Our optimised configuration process saves your team time when deploying applications, both for development and production environments.

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Simple, flexible configurations

Our Cloud VPS hosting is controlled from our industry leading platform, meaning as well as being able to deploy a highly scalable VPS you can also integrate other services within the same deployment environment.

graphic showing different operating system choices

Operating System Options

Choose from a range of O/S templates: Centos 7, Debian 10 & 9, Ubuntu 20, 18 & 16. All are auto deployed in a matter of seconds.

graphic depicting folder and system access

Secure SSH Access

We provide access via Web SSH and our SSH Gateway which increases security for access and uses SSH keys for extra protection.

graphic of folders and file space

Full Backups

Our VPS servers are backed up every 24hrs at no additional cost and stored on our external backup’s servers for safe keeping.

graphic of computer screen


Using our web portal, you can start / stop environments, control access, collaborate, change owner, configure the firewall and setup load level alerts.

graphic showing live chat support platform


All our Cloud products come with full support. Raise a support request with our team day or night for help managing the platform

graphic showing no risk trial on web browser

No Risk Trial

We feel its best to try something out before you pay, as such our Cloud platform comes with a 14-day free trial and option to top-up as you go.

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