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Importance of Spam Protection and Benefits of SpamExperts

During a spam test in December 2014, it was found that over 50% of all incoming mail was spam! It is therefore clear that in this day and age, it is ever important to effectively block malicious content and correctly identify spam before it hits your inbox.

- We run the SpamExperts solution on our own domain so uptime, maintenance and results are guaranteed
- 99.5% spam filtering success rate!
- Can be used by both existing UkHost4u customers as well as others who are hosting   elsewhere
- Millions of emails can be scanned per day
- The system has a very low false-positive rate, and improves its filtering algorithm over time
- All in all a true, enterprise-grade anti-spam measure
- We are so confident in the benefits of using this system that we are offering all customers a one month free trial. Please contact us for more information on how to ORDER NOW with UkHost4u and SpamExperts.

UkHost4u Introduces Advanced Spam Protection from SpamExperts

We are very happy to announce that UkHost4u has teamed up with SpamExperts, leaders in the mail filtering and spam protection products space, to bring to you a robust and foolproof spam filtering solution that is both easy to deploy as well as simple to monitor. Capable of filtering millions of emails per day, the system features a smart and accurate anti-spam filtering engine with a very low false-positive rate. Furthermore, the filter improves over time as it "learns" from the data that passes through it. This solution is way beyond standard anti-spam measures. It is designed to complement your existing set up and can be used on any domain you wish. As well as offering spam protection, if your server is offline for any reason and mail cannot be delivered, the system will hold your messages and automatically deliver them when your server is back online!

Why Choose SpamExperts?

The SpamExperts solution allows you to integrate and automate spam protection for your entire domain with no limit to the number of mailboxes protected. Instead of relying on stand-alone products, manage your spam protection in one place, easily.

Further, the system allows you to avail a number of other benefits not seen elsewhere in the spam filtering space:

- Standard mail filters charge per inbox, but we charge per domain
- Easily configure your settings to safeguard all the mailboxes on your domain for £20 per year
- Compatible with all products including shared/reseller hosting, as well as virtual and dedicated servers
- Included for free with all Enterprise Hosting packages
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