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Where Web Designers Can Go Wrong?

Web designers are artists, and they often have their own thoughts about how a client’s site should look, function and feel. They can get caught up in their creativity and, without effective communication with the client, end up delivering to that client something that is not acceptable. UKHost4u has a unique solution to this problem with its custom design services.

The most popular saying in the web design industry is this: “If it doesn't make money, it’s just art.” The point is well-taken. When a business owner sets up a website, or pays someone good money to design it, they expect results – results in the form of attracting visitors, converting those visitors in specific ways, and, ultimately, turning a good percentage of those visitors into paying customers.

UK Web Design by UKHost4u

Clients who make the choice to order a web design package from our design team will have to provide some important detail. In order to solidify that detail you should begin by asking yourself the following questions. Once you have all the answers ready, you will be able to complete the order and leave little guess work for our experienced UK design team.
Develop an Elevator Pitch

This comprises just a few sentences that compresses an explanation of your business. This will provide our design team with the capsule for you home page. We’ll get creative with the texts, ultimate layout mockups, branding and visuals with your guidelines as a start point.

What Makes Your Business/Brand Different From Your Competitors

Your website content must provide immediate value and benefit to the visitor. A big part of that value is what you do differently or how your product or service has better features or pricing compared to the competition. If you have a unique selling point, you need to tell the design team about it. For instance, a lot of companies are selling umbrellas for those drizzling days, but you are the only one offering the cool ones specifically designed for lefies.

Who is Your Target Customer?

Making certain that you have a clear demographic description of your customer is critical for any designer. After all, a website design that would appeal to young adults will not necessarily appeal to senior citizens. Colors, visuals, even text will be different. At the very least, you must have gender, age, and socio-economic status data of your target audience. This will also impact integration with specific social media platforms.

Can You Name Some Websites that Really Appeal to You?

If you have some eye candies in mind and can explain why those sites appeal to you, then you should absolutely give this information to the design team. And if one of the websites you really like is that of a competitor, so much the better. And if that competitor is highly successful, then there must be features and elements that are attracting an audience and getting conversions. 

What are the Functions You Want Your Site to Perform?

This is where a lot of detail will be required. And you may not even know about all of the options. But the package options will, and they will help you make the right decision. Here is a simple example: You run a hair salon. Obviously you will want great visuals but you may want to advertise your prices or the individual services you provide, and certainly your hours of operation, your address and contact information, etc. Have you thought about customers being able to make a reservation online, providing an updated schedule of the hairstylists’ openings, so they can do this? Just some food for thought.If you sell products, you obviously need a shopping cart and a smoothly integrated checkout process with an SSL-certified payment processor. These are the details you must think about in advance, especially if your business or website is completely new. 

Decide Who Will be Responsible for the Content of Your Sit

Are you going to be responsible for the copywriting? Unless you are a creative, experienced content writer/marketer, this is probably not the best idea. Why? Because content, along with visuals, is what must engage your visitors from the very start. The UK web design package you choose may give you some options here, or you may need to hire a copywriter to supply the content. Design specialists are artists, but most do not write the copy too. A well-written copy, great visuals, and superior design – all work together to sell.Another important aspect here is to determine if you want a content management system. If you need to update regularly with new products or services, with special sales, with blog posts, then you will want that put into place. Choose a package that will provide that one.

What is Your Deadline?

Set a deadline that is reasonable. This may involve discussion with the design team of course, and there will be parameters set with each design package. But you should have a deadline in mind when you complete your order form. And a specific deadline gives the design team the opportunity to set up a respective timeline.

Pre-Determine Your Keywords/Phrases

These should be incorporated throughout your site, and the design team should be aware of the keywords you plan to target as it will impact the design of each page, especially placement of copy. Long-tail keyword phrases that are as specific as possible are the better route these days, as searchers are getting more specific.

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