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Be an affiliate of UKHost4u

1. Getting Started

Join our affiliate program for free by either registering via our Affiliate program through Affiliate Advantage. You'll receive the same great commission rates for each new customer you refer.

2. Place Your Ads

Once you're registered, you can find the most suitable banner for your website, blog or forum and place it on your website. If you send regular newsletters, why not consider placing an advert on your mailing.

3. Start Earning

When you place an affiliate banner or text link on your web-site and one of your visitors clicks on the banner or text link, your unique affiliate ID is tied to the URL, so if a purchase is made it will be instantly tracked.

Earn money by joining one of the most lucrative affiliate programs for web hosting. The UKHost4u affiliate program allows you to earn 30% in commission for every new customer referred to us! All you have to do is sign up for an account with Affiliate Window, enroll on the UKHost4u program, then provide potential customers with your unique affiliate link. This link allows us to track where sales came from and can be shared online by any means, such as via a website or social media.

How do I sign up?

We partner with one of the most popular networks to provide our affiliate program. You can sign up to Affiliate Window here.

How do I enrol on the UKHost4u program once registered?

1. When logged in to your account, look for the "Advertisers" menu.
2. From there select "Join Programmes".In the search box labeled "Search for Advertisers" type "UKHost4u".
3. Click on what should be the first result, UKHost4u.
4. Finally click "Join Programme" on the left side menu and follow the instructions
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