Secure Sockets Layer Certificates

Essential SSL Certificates

Acquiring an SSL certificate is essential for websites that handle sensitive information like personal data, credit card details, or passwords. It offers users peace of mind by indicating that the site they’re interacting with is legitimate and that their data is protected from potential eavesdroppers. When a site uses SSL, you will usually notice a padlock symbol or the word “Secure” in the browser’s address bar, and the website’s URL will start with “https://”.

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Essential SSL

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Essential SSL certificates provide basic encryption for data transmitted between a browser and a server.

£25 / year ex VAT

  • Single Domain
  • Domain Validation
  • Encryption – 256 Bit
  • Warranty – £10,000
  • Secure Seal

Wildcard SSL

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A Wildcard SSL certificate encrypts a domain and its unlimited subdomains. It supports both “” and “”.

£125 / year ex VAT

  • Single Domain
  • Domain Validation
  • Encryption – 256 Bit
  • Warranty – £10,000
  • Secure Seal

Comodo EV SSL

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Comodo EV SSL offers top-tier website authentication with a green address bar. It ensures user trust and site security.

£250 / year ex VAT

  • Single Domain
  • Domain Validation
  • Encryption – 256 Bit
  • Warranty – £250,000
  • Secure Seal

Why is it essential to have robust SSL protection for your website?

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol developed to safeguard the transmission of information over the internet. An SSL certificate serves as a digital “passport” that allows data to travel securely between a web server and a browser. This certificate confirms the identity of the website and ensures that all data transmitted is encrypted. The following is a mere glimpse of the extensive offerings we have in store for you.

SSL Certificate

Free Installation

With our SSL Certificates, you’ll be operational swiftly, including complimentary installation. Allow our technical team to handle the details so you can relax. Simply select your SSL certificate, and you’re set!

Free Migration

SSL/TLS Encryption

All our SSL certificates utilise the most recent TLS (Transport Layer Security) Encryption, adding an enhanced security layer to your website. They ensure that all interactions with your site via a secure HTTPS connection are encrypted, safeguarding any sensitive data.


Thoroughly Secure Your Data

Thoroughly securing your data with SSLs is crucial in today’s digital landscape. These certificates encrypt sensitive information, fostering trust with users. With SSL protection, you’re shielded from a myriad of online threats and potential breaches.

Build trust

Build Trust Amongst Your Clients

When visitors notice that your website is backed by a robust SSL Certificate, their confidence in your platform increases. This trust can translate into enhanced sales, as people feel safer making transactions.

Free backups

Improve Google Rankings

Websites bolstered by an SSL certificate often receive preferential treatment from Google, leading to higher search rankings. Thus, an SSL Certificate not only safeguards your visitors but also assists in attracting potential new ones.

Upgrade At Any Time

Quick Setup

Domain Validated SSL certificates and Wildcard SSL certificates are typically activated within hours. In contrast, Extended Validation certificates may take up to a week due to their more rigorous validation procedure.

Certificates Tailored for Personal Website Needs

If you manage a blog or a modest personal website that doesn’t handle delicate user details like logins or credit card data, the Essential SSL Certificate is perfect for you.

Though this certificate undergoes a simpler validation process, it doesn’t compromise on the encryption strength typical of SSL certificates. In essence, while the SSL certificate involves lighter vetting, it guarantees the same encryption standard for your website traffic.

Opt for our SSL certificates to bolster your website’s security without enduring lengthy setups – all complemented by complimentary installation and dedicated support.

Certificates Tailored for eCommerce Websites

Certificates Tailored for eCommerce Websites

For eCommerce platforms, robust security isn’t just a preference—it’s a necessity. Ensuring top-tier validation for your SSL Certificate is crucial to instil maximum confidence in your online store’s visitors.

Opting for the Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate offers not only superior encryption but also displays the green padlock alongside your company’s name in the browser. The rigorous validation procedure for EV certificates surpasses other types, ensuring that your site is recognised as a genuine business entity rather than a potential threat.

Such measures ensure your clientele can shop with complete assurance, safeguarding their communications and financial details every step of the way.

SSL build

Certificates for Extensive Subdomain Coverage

Operating several subdomains within your hosting package?

A Wildcard SSL is your ideal choice, permitting you to shield unlimited subdomains and extend that security to any new ones you establish. Its validation mirrors that of the Domain Validated SSL certificates. However, if your setup involves an eCommerce site spanning multiple subdomains, an EV SSL certificate might be more suitable.

With Wildcard SSL certificates, not only can you consolidate protection across all subdomains under a single certificate, but you also benefit from the swift deployment and verification typical of our Domain Validated certificates.

Certificates for Extensive Subdomain Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of a website and encrypts information sent to the server using SSL technology.

2. Why is SSL important for my website?

SSL ensures that data transferred between a web server and a browser remains confidential. It protects against potential eavesdropping and is vital for sites handling sensitive information, instilling trust in visitors.

3. What’s the difference between DV, OV, and EV SSL Certificates?

DV (Domain Validated) certificates verify domain ownership. OV (Organization Validated) certificates provide a higher level of security by verifying both domain ownership and organisation details. EV (Extended Validation) certificates offer the highest trust level, verifying the domain, organisation, and often displaying the company’s name in green in the browser address bar.

4. How do I install an SSL Certificate on my website?

We handle the installation process and set up the SSL certificate on your web server. Typically, after you’ve purchased an SSL certificate, should we require additional details to move forward, we’ll promptly contact you.

5. Do SSL Certificates affect search engine rankings?

Yes, Google and other search engines give a slight ranking boost to websites secured with SSL certificates, recognising their commitment to user security.

6. How often do I need to renew my SSL Certificate?

Most SSL certificates are up for renewal annually, but there are options for multi-year packages. To prevent interruptions to your website and ensure ongoing trust from users, it’s essential to renew before the certificate expires.

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