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Kickstart your hosting experience with our professional enterprise managed hosting packages. With the highest resource allocations, fastest SSD storage and the best in managed support options – it’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a fast, reliable, managed enterprise hosting solution. Perfect for ecommerce hosting, a high speed resource-heavy website, or an enterprise hosting solution.

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Maximum Resources


Smart balance between resources and affordability.




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  •  2GB RAM

  •  200% CPU

  •  5MB/s Disk IO

  •  100 Entry Processes

  •  200 Process Limit

  •  10 – Web Sites

  •  20GB – SSD Disk Space

  •  20 – Databases

  •  Unlimited – Email Accounts

  •  SpamExperts – Free

  •  SSL Certificate – Free

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More resources, more speed and faster performance.




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  •  3GB RAM

  •  300% CPU

  •  10MB/s Disk  IO

  •  150 Entry Processes

  •  250 Process Limit

  •  10 – Web Sites

  •  40GB – SSD Disk Space

  •  30 – Databases

  •  Unlimited – Email Accounts

  •  SpamExperts – Free

  •  SSL Certificate – Free

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Enjoy the maximum speed and resources for your business or project.




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  •  4GB RAM

  •  400% CPU

  •  15MB/s Disk IO

  •  200 Entry Processes

  •  300 Process Limit

  •  10 – Web Sites

  •  80GB – SSD Disk Space

  •  40 – Databases

  •  Unlimited – Email Accounts

  •  SpamExperts – Free

  •  SSL Certificate – Free

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 Low Client to Server Ratio

 Enterprise Spam protection

 Super Fast Storage SSD

 Dedicated Support Manager

 Ideal Foe E commerce

 Free SSL Certeficate

*All prices exclude VAT at your local rate.

SSD Base Management

Our managed enterprise hosting servers utilize Solid State Drive (SSD) technology for storage. SSD storage technology is the most powerful type of storage, and is many times faster than traditional Hard Disk Drives. This gives you unmatched performance with the highest data transfer speeds – so visitors can access your website faster than ever before. This can translate to visitors seeing your products faster in an Ecommerce hosting environment.

Maximum Resources

Enjoy the maximum resources with our enterprise SSD hosting plans. All accounts are given the highest allocation of system resources, featuring 5x the concurrent processes, 5x the disk I/O speed and significantly faster storage compared to regular website hosting plans. This level of resources makes our UK Enterprise web hosting packages perfect for Ecommerce hosting, or larger websites with high levels of traffic.

Dedicated UK Enterprise Web Hosting Support

Enterprise packages come with a number of additional managed support benefits. You’ll be assigned a dedicated support manager, so you can leave the maintenance to us while that you can get on with running your business. The following support areas will be covered:

  • Analysis of account security – if your account has any issues, we will contact you
  • 24/7 monitoring – our monitoring systems alert us to any issues on your account
  • Maintenance – all systems and software will be patched and maintained to the latest version

Maximum Resources

Dedicated Cpanel

All of our web hosting plans come with the intuitive cPanel control panel. Here you can manage every area of your hosting account – from emails, to databases, to files. The control panel is easy to use, customizable, and flexible enough to suit any needs. Manage everything in one place at any time, with no extra costs or configuration.

Caching mechanisms

Managed Enterprise hosting is fully compatible with caching mechanisms such as Memcache.  Caching works to significantly improve performance in dynamic database-driven websites by caching data and objects in RAM, therefore reducing the time taken to access the data. This allows your visitors to access your website even faster.

Daily Backups

Our UK Enterprise Web Hosting plans include daily automated local backups for your account. This means that a recent copy of your website will always be on hand in case anything goes wrong – and restoring your account backup can be done in just a few clicks. With our data centre utilizing a disaster recovery system and uninterruptable power supplies.

Technical Features Table

Bronze Silver Gold
Websites 10 10 10
SSD Disk Space 20GB 40GB 80GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases 20 30 40
DNS Management Yes Yes Yes
Subdomains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Addon Domains 9 9 9
Applications Installer Yes Yes Yes
Cloudlinux Yes Yes Yes
CageFS Yes Yes Yes
SSL Certificate Yes Yes Yes
No. Of Mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Email Storage 20GB 40GB 80GB
Spam Protection SpamExperts SpamExperts SpamExperts
24/7 Support Yes Yes Yes

UK Data Centre

Our data centre is based locally in Maidenhead, United Kingdom – close to the London metropolitan area. This means that you will have the best connection possible by avoiding any high latency that you might experience when hosting in servers abroad. By using UK only data centres, we can ensure the fastest, most reliable connection to our customers.

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