FreePBX – Flexible IP-PBX

FreePBX is a flexible, comprehensive VOIP solution based on the Asterix PBX system. With a wide range of features and configurations, FreePBX is a great alternative to 3CX for those who might not need some of the more advanced features that 3CX offers, or for those who are looking to avoid high licensing fees.

Fully flexible VOIP solutions

Try any FreePBX package for free!

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Entry plan with all the resources and power you need to get started.

£20 – Per Month

10-15 Simultaneous Calls

 FreePBX 14 or older

 Hosted in the UK

 Use any SIP provider

 Third party modules

10GB Storage

 1.5GB Memory

 Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Extentions

No long term contracts

 Upgrade at Anytime

VPS Control Panel

 SSH with Root Access

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30 days free trial


The next step up – more resources and more power.

£30 – Month

20-30 Simultaneous Calls

 FreePBX 14 or older

 Hosted in the UK

 Use any SIP provider

 Third party modules

 20GB Storage

 2GB Memory

 Unlimited Bandwidth

 Unlimited Extentions

 No long term contracts

 Upgrade at Anytime

 VPS Control Panel

 SSH with Root Access

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Top package with the most resources and power available.

£40 – Month

30-40 Simultaneous Calls

 FreePBX 14 or older

 Hosted in the UK

 Use any SIP provider

 Third party modules

 30GB Storage

 4GB Memory

 Unlimited Bandwidth

 Unlimited Extentions

 No long term contracts

 Upgrade at Anytime

 VPS Control Panel

 SSH with Root Access

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30 days free trial

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30 Days Free Trial

With our FreePBX VOIP solutions, we’re offering a free 30-day trial for you to try out the PBX system! See for yourself why so many people choose FreePBX for their VOIP solution needs.


We understand that as your business or project grows, your VOIP solution will also need to grow accordingly. That’s why we’ve made it simple and quick to upgrade your existing VOIP plan.

Control Panel

With all FreePBX plans we provide you with a web based control panel for controlling your virtual system, giving you full control to power your machine on or off, or manage storage.


FreePBX comes with an intuitive, yet comprehensive web-based management control panel, allowing you to manage every aspect of your VOIP PBX from call monitoring to extension management.

SIP trunking

FreePBX fully supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, meaning you can make or take calls to anyone, wherever you are in the world over IP, as long as you have an internet connection.

DDI Numbers

Direct Dial In Numbers provide you with a regular phone number allowing you to take incoming calls, which the PBX system will then route to the telephone extension that you’ve specified.

Technical Features

Unlimited Extensions

Add as many telephone extensions to your IP PBX as you need, with absolutely no limits or caps.

Completely SIP Based

Fully SIP based infrastructure means you can ditch normal telephone lines and utilise the internet for calls.

Paging and Intercom

FreePBX features complete paging and intercom systems, just like a regular telephone system would.

Company Directory

Have our expert dedicated support team manage the security and patching of your dedicated server.

Unlimited IVR’s

Interactive Voice Response allows you to create a virtual receptionist for your callers to hear.


Set your caller ID at both an extension level or system wide, so you’ll have a recognisable name.

Soft-Phone Support

Make or take calls from any computer or smartphone with full softphone support for most devices.

Music On Hold

Set custom audio files or music tracks for your inbound callers to hear while they are on hold.

Voicemail Config

Configure your FreePBX system’s voicemail to specific messages, voicemail numbers, and more.

Voicemail to email

Configure your FreePBX system to automatically send voicemail messages to relevant email addresses.

Automatic Backup

FreePBX can be set to automatically backup all data, including call history and call recordings.

Call Flow Control

Manually set PBX call flow measures to activate when a specific telephone extension is rang.

Fully cloud hosted PBX

With our FreePBX hosted VOIP solutions, we take care of all of the hard work so you can get on with using your VOIP system. All plans are fully hosted with us in our cloud hosting infrastructure, so you never need worry about maintenance or uptime. Forget about installing and configuring your VOIP solution – we take care of all of that. All you need to do is order your desired plan, and start making calls!

Our high-speed network means that you’ll never face calls being dropped or low quality communications, you’ll get only the highest quality of service. We boast a 99.9% uptime with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can be sure your hosting is in good hands.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Fully SSD cloud hosted

Network hardware firewall

Web Browser Based Control Panel

FreePBX comes with an easy to use and highly intuitive web based management control panel for your VOIP system. Control every aspect of your PBX from anywhere in the world with an active internet connection, straight from your web browser. The control panel features a wide range of features allowing you to provision phones and gateways, configure call tones, change FreePBX modules, and much much more!

Managing your communications has never been easier with the FreePBX web based control panel!

Feature-rich web based management control panel

Device and extension management

Reporting tools

Conferencing tools

Save money over traditional phone systems

FreePBX gives you massive cost savings, compared to a traditional phone system. The use of a SIP trunk with an IP PBX system will give you much lower call rates when you make calls from your IP phones – and communicating with colleagues or others in your team is free! FreePBX takes away the stress of worrying about overseas call prices and high licensing fees. You also don’t need to worry about paying for installation, maintenance, or staff training!

Free inbound calls

Lower cost international calls

Free site-to-site calls

No installation fee

FreePBX Module Support

One of the major features of FreePBX that sets it apart from it’s competitors is the support for a wide range of commercial modules and add-ons. Designed to work on CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) systems, these modules provide additional features and capabilities to the base configuration for FreePBX. If you’re finding that the extensive list of features provided with the base installation of FreePBX is lacking, then paid add-ons are an excellent option.

Modules include advanced system builder bundles, call centre bundles, extension routing, caller id management, reporting tools, conferencing tools, and much much more!

Extend your VOIP functionality with dozens of additional modules

Call centre builder bundle

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) support

Faxing server support

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