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Elevate your cloud with our state-of-the-art platform, tailored for the UK market. Not only does it offer a central hub for overseeing all your applications, but it’s also crafted with the user’s journey at its heart. With straightforward, user-friendly features, you can readily adapt to shifting demands and assure continuous service. Our platform delivers a responsive environment that reacts promptly to your scaling requirements. Moreover, with integrated high-availability mechanisms, top-notch performance is always assured. Delve into a more refined cloud experience, where simplicity intertwines with elegance.

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Rapid Setup, Effortless Management Cloud Platform

With the Hybrid Cloud Platform from UKHost4u, constructing and rolling out your applications becomes a breeze. Enjoy features like automatic scaling which effortlessly adjusts to your demands, and high availability ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Tailored for the UK market, our platform streamlines your digital journey, making it both efficient and robust.

Hybrid Cloud Simplifies the Process

  • A straightforward environment construction tool, facilitating one-click deployments for load balancers, web servers, and databases.
  • Launch using Docker Hub, merge with Git/SVN, or opt for SSH/FTP. Our platform caters to every facet of your development requirements.
  • Deploy Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.JS, Python, or Go with just one click, accompanied by a selection of servers for execution.
  • With our management of the infrastructure, you’re free to concentrate on your project. SSL certificates, SLAs, and backups come as standard.

Cloud Hosting Simplified

  • Pay solely for what you utilise, with the flexibility to scale your environment in tandem with your project’s growth.
  • Ensure continuous uptime with our high availability feature, paired with the intelligence of automatic vertical and horizontal scaling.
  • Consolidate various projects within one unified environment, granting tailored access rights to your team members based on your discretion.
  • Streamlined deployment and effortless scaling, underpinned by cutting-edge technologies. Ensure utmost availability with deployments free of downtime.
screenshot showing auto scaling capabilites in Jelastic

Hosting Platform Abundant in Features

  • Pre-set applications, tools, and services – all fine-tuned by industry experts, primed for immediate production deployment.
  • Crafted for developers seeking to minimise time on intricate configurations, allowing them to focus more on their client’s endeavours.
  • Backed by support for clustered environments that can scale across numerous nodes, diverse technologies, and various applications.
  • Construct and evaluate an application swiftly, within minutes, while also having the convenience to experiment with an assortment of products with ease.
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Versatility of UKHost4u’s Adaptive Cloud Interface

The adaptive cloud interface is designed with developers in mind. Its versatility ensures seamless adaptation to diverse development needs, epitomising the pinnacle of technological innovation. Whether scaling up or down, this intuitive, user-friendly platform enhances workflow for developers.

Featured case study

TubeSpanner brings AI to YouTube content creators with UKHost4U cloud

  • Conceived by software engineer, entrepreneur and influencer Danielle Hallett, TubeSpanner began development in 2017. In the early stages of the project, a couple of hosted Virtual Private Servers were sufficient for development
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Pay As You Use – Pricing

With our tailored solution, you’re billed solely for what you consume, rather than the overall server size. This ensures that you’re only paying for your actual usage. Our pricing is structured around the Cloudlets you utilise on an hourly basis, offering both transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Active Cloudlets:

Experience instant dynamic scaling for your application, ensuring you only pay for the resources you utilise. Utilise the topology wizard to scale and set precise limits for each server.
you only pay for what you use.

Active CloudletsCost per Active Cloudlets
Per HourPer MonthDiscount
1 – 7£0.0037£2.710%
8 – 15£0.0033£19.4810%
16 – 29£0.0030£32.4720%

Reserved Cloudlets:

These dedicated cloudlets are set aside exclusively for you via the topology wizard. While there’s a nominal fee to reserve them, it’s at a rate lower than that of active cloudlets, ensuring cost-effective and personalized resource allocation for your needs.

Reserved CloudletsCost per Reserved Cloudlet
Per HourPer MonthDiscount
1 – 7£0.0030£2.1620%
8 – 15£0.0026£15.1530%
16 -29£0.0022£24.3540%

Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions

With our transparent billing approach, you’re charged solely for the resources you actively utilise, ensuring you don’t pay for peak limits that you seldom achieve. <br>This method not only guarantees value for money but also aligns with your actual consumption patterns.

Pay-per-Use Pricing Model

Complete pricing is transparently presented within the topology wizard, empowering you with full budgetary oversight.
For a more detailed understanding, please refer to our service level agreement.

Check our service level aggreement for more details.

Features of UKHost4u’s PaaS Platform

Full flexibility and freedom of choice with turnkey PaaS for developers.

NGINX logo


High-performance, front-end web proxy used by many of the biggest sites on the Internet.

Apache logo

Apache Balancer

Open source load balancer, distributing HTTP requests over multiple servers.

HAProxy logo


High-availability load balancer solution, focused on performance and efficiency.

Litespeed icon

LiteSpeed Web ADC

Litespeed’s flexible load balancing solution, packed full of features.

Varnish logo


Advanced content delivery solution featuring load balancing and powerful caching technology.

ProxySQL logo


A MySQL database proxy service providing load balancing and speed optimisation features.

What Makes UKHost4u’s Cloud Solutions the Ideal Choice?

Our streamlined configuration process significantly reduces the time your team spends on deploying applications in both development and production environments.

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What Can You Create Using UKHost4u Cloud Solutions?

Here are just some of the possibilities:

Website Hosting

Scalable Web Application

Develop dynamic applications using widely-used programming languages like PHP, Node.JS, and Python. Our platform empowers you to build responsive, interactive web applications that are readily scalable. Whether you’re crafting an intricate e-commerce site with PHP, a sophisticated real-time application in Node.JS, or exploring versatile possibilities with Python, our tools offer a solid foundation for all your development projects.

Robust Multi-Layer Connectivity

Interactive Websites

Develop Interactive Websites that stand out for their speed, security, and high scalability. With our platform, you can craft web experiences that not only engage and captivate your audience but also ensure swift loading times and robust security protocols. These websites are designed to grow with your needs, efficiently handling increased traffic and content complexity without compromising on performance or user experience.

Innovative Green Cooling

Application Programming Interfaces

Integrate comprehensive automation into your applications through the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). By leveraging APIs, you can streamline complex processes, enhance data interchange, and facilitate seamless interactions between different software components. This integration not only boosts the efficiency of your applications but also opens up new possibilities for innovation and connectivity, allowing your systems to work more intelligently and cohesively.

Ensuring Top-notch Security

Application Hosting

With our Application Hosting service, you can effortlessly host your preferred applications and deploy them with just a click. This streamlined process simplifies the setup and management of your apps, whether they’re for business, development, or personal use. Our platform supports a wide range of applications, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. Enjoy quick deployment, reliable hosting, and the flexibility to update or modify your applications as needed, all with minimal hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of cloud solutions does UKHost4u offer?

Explore the range of cloud solutions provided by UKHost4u, including hybrid cloud, public and private cloud options. Each solution is designed to meet different business needs, offering varying levels of control, flexibility, and scalability.

2. How secure are UKHost4u’s cloud solutions?

We offer an extensive array of robust security measures and protocols within UKHost4u’s cloud to safeguard your data. This encompasses data encryption, adherence to PCI compliance standards, and routine security audits, all ensuring the utmost level of data protection.

3. Can I easily scale my services with UKHost4u?

Scaling is straightforward with UKHost4u’s cloud solutions. We offer both vertical and horizontal scaling options, accompanied by an intuitive interface that simplifies the process of understanding and implementing these options.

4. What support is available for UKHost4u cloud solutions?

We offer a comprehensive support and management service, which includes help with constructing and designing cloud environments. You can reach our support team through Phone, Live Chat, and Email.

5. How does UKHost4u ensure high availability of its cloud services?

Our cloud solutions are distributed across multiple nodes to ensure high availability, and we also provide the option to configure services spanning several nodes for enhanced performance and reliability.

6. What pricing models are available for UKHost4u’s cloud solutions?

Our pricing model is straightforward and easy to comprehend, crafted to give you maximum flexibility. It also includes the option to set a cap on your maximum expenditure, ensuring you can manage your budget effectively.

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