How to create a Domain Alias/Parked Domain in cPanel

A domain alias, or a parked domain, is where multiple domain names take you to the same single website. Think of it as essentially having multiple front doors to the same location – while the domain names themselves are different, they take you to the same website. Parked domains are used to point a different […]

How Can I Set Automatic Renewal for My Domain Name?

Setting automatic renewal for your domain name means that as long as you have a valid payment method saved on your account, you domain name will automatically be renewed. This can save you the trouble of manually paying invoice – which you may forget about! First, login to the Client Area. Next, navigate to Domains […]

How Long Does a Domain Transfer Take?

Domain Transfer – It is the act of changing your domain from one registrar to another. It can be hard to tell how long a domain will take to transfer as it can depend on other factors such as disabling registrar lock and obtaining the EPP authorization code. As a guide, top-level domains (TLDs) such […]

How can I Enable WHOIS Privacy for my Domain?

WHOIS privacy is offered by a large number of domain registrars. WHOIS privacy prevents anyone from viewing your contact information whenever they perform a WHOIS search on your domain name. Without WHOIS privacy, anyone can view your contact information with a WHOIS search. Below are the steps to enable WHOIS Privacy – First, login to […]

How to Check a Domain Name WHOIS Information

A WHOIS search provides information about any registered domain name such as the current registrar, the expiry date, and the date it was registered. WHOIS searches can be helpful in determining any issues with domain registration, such as when a domain is temporarily suspended or has expired. There are many websites available that allow you […]