How to Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain in cPanel

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption layer that encrypts information between a server and a visitor’s browser. This layer has set of protocols which protects against electronic eavesdroppers. This also protects sensitive information  These protocols initiate a handshake and it includes a set of private and public keys. Computers use these keys to encrypt […]

How to Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) in WHM

Certificate Signing Requests, or CSRs, are generated by a server to be used in the process of creating an SSL certificate for a domain name. CSRs contain information about the domain name and the person requesting the SSL certificate, which will then be associated with the SSL certificate itself. Let’s look at generating a CSR […]

How to Block an IP Address in WHM

WHM – Web Host Manager- It is the control dashboard that gives the user access to manage cPanel based websites. It has administrator control over the user’s dedicated server. Users can block an IP Address in WHM by following below steps – First, login to WHM control panel.      2. Navigate to ConfigServer Security […]