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Difference between parked, addon and sub domains

An add on domain is basically a fully functional domain that you add to your hosting account at

The add on domain is as good as a primary domain. It can have its own email address just like a primary domain

When you create an add on domain, three things basically happen:

  1. A new domain is associated with the subdomain
  2. A folder is created in the public_html directory

For example, if you have a primary domain, and you assign the domain then the following are true:

All these three paths will access the same directory and will open up the same website.

So, what is a Parked Domain?

This is basically an alias of your primary domain. It points to the same domain as your primary domain and therefore acts as an alias. You can have multiple parked domains pointing to the same primary domain.

For example, if your primary domain is then you can have or as your parked domains and whenever someone tries to access them, they will be redirected to

Great, and what’s a subdomain?

A subdomain basically acts like a different domain but a sub-part of your primary domain.

For example, a sub domain may be something like

You can create a sub-domain after going into domains, then sub domains and further add sub domain

understanding sub domains


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