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How to check SSL status in cPanel

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It has protocols which help in creating an encrypted connection between the client and the server. It helps to prevent eavesdropping and attacks.

Users use SSL to make their website secured with SSL.  cPanel allows the user to install SSL certificate. Also, cPanel provides the access to check SSL status.

Below are the steps to check SSL status in cPanel –

Login to cPanel

Go to SSL/TLS Status


This UI will show the list of domains and the installed certificates. It will show all domains, sub-domains, add on domains etc. There will be symbolic reference of certificate. Lock Like symbols are shown for the installed certificates.

If it shows one lock, then it is a self signed certificate

If it shows multiple locks, then it is a certificate from trusted authority

Third column on page describes the type of certification. Please refer below screenshot for more clarification

User can also access the certificate by clicking on the link “View Certificate”


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