How to Delete a Database Table with phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is a popular application for databases management. While working on databases, users might have to delete the database and this article will guide the users to delete a table from databases using the phpMyAdmin database management tool First, you need to log in to your cPanel account (don’t know how? check our Knowledgebase article […]

How to Rename a Table in PhpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is an application which is used to manage databases. There are various functionalities that user can access through phpMyAdmin. One of the main functionality is to rename the table. For renaming the table, the user first need to login to cPanel –    Locate and click on phpMyAdmin under the Databases section. The user […]

How to Access phpMyAdmin in cPanel

phpMyAdmin is a tool that is used to view and manage databases. It is a graphical tool that helps users to manage databases. Users can use it to avail almost all possible operations related to databases. Example – Users can use the phpMyAdmin tool to import/export SQL queries or can perform any admin-level operations such […]