How To Perform A Reboot In WHM

Web Hosting Manager is an administrative dashboard that allows the users to access cPanel websites Rebooting the server can be necessary from time to time and if you’ve applied certain system updates or your server is under high load. In WHM there are two types of reboot: Forceful Reboot: This immediately restarts the server without […]

How To Whitelist An IP Address In WHM

Web Hosting Manager (WHM), developed by cPanel, serves as a server-based management interface. It enables administrators to grant users access to cPanel, allowing them to effectively manage their web hosting environment. Among the most commonly used firewalls on cPanel is ConfigServer Security & Firewall. Whitelisting an IP address involves the firewall including the IP address […]

How To Create A Package In WHM

WHM – It is also known as Web Hosting Manager and it can be used to administrate cPanel websites. It is the control dashboard that gives the users to access different admin level functions like creating an account, changing the root password, editing DNS Zone, or creating a package Packages in WHM and cPanel define […]

How To Set Backup Configuration In WHM

Web Hosting Manager is a control dashboard that gives the access to the users to manage multiple cPanel websites. WHM allows you to set automated backups for hosting accounts residing on your server, which can be incredibly useful when something goes wrong. Below are the steps to the backup configuration in WHM- Login to the […]

How to Block an IP Address in WHM

WHM – Web Host Manager- It is the control dashboard that gives the user access to manage cPanel based websites. It has administrator control over the user’s dedicated server. Users can block an IP Address in WHM by following below steps – First, login to WHM control panel.      2. Navigate to ConfigServer Security […]