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Using The Marketplace

UKHost4u is a collection of the most famous and demanded applications that are constructed and amended in the most advantageous way. The user can download these packaged solutions automatically from our dashboard without performing the deployment and optimization steps manually. 

You can view the Marketplace from the top-left area of the dashboard.

From the opened Marketplace window, you can see a list of sectioned solutions to download new applications from the start and can also manage Add-ons to update the already existing environments. Now, UKHost4u handles and maintains the following packages, giving one-click installation at all platforms.

AlfrescoIOTA NodeOpenCart
AmetysJenkins DevOps PackOpenCMS
Auto-Scalable Couchebase CE ClusterJira SoftwareOpenFaaS
Auto-Scalable GlassFish ClusterJitsi Video ConferencingOpenVPN Access Server
Auto-Scalable Magento ClusterJoomlaosTicket
Auto-Scalable Spring Boot ClusterKubernetes ClusterownCloud
Cyclos 4 PROLaravelPlesk Hosting Platform
Cyclos 4 PRO ClusterLiferayPostgreSQL Primary-Secondary Cluster
DevOps Lab – GitLab ServerLime SurveyPrestaShop
Docker Engine CEMagento StandaloneqdPM
Docker Swarm ClusterMagnolia CMSRedmine
DokuWikiMaian CartSpring Boot Fat Jar Builder
DropWizard Fat Jar BuilderMattermost Chat ServiceSpring Boot Thin Jar Builder
DrupalMinio ClusterTomcat/TomEE Cluster With High Availability
Eclipse CheMODXTraffic Distributor
Eclipse MosquitoMoodleWebMail Lite
Eclipse Vert.x Fat Jar BuilderMongo DB Replica SetWildFly Continuous Deployment
Eclipse Vert.x Thin Jar BuilderMy SQL/ Maria DB ClusterWildFly Managed Domain Cluster
GhostNexus Repository ManagerWordPress Cluster Kit v2
GitblitNode-RED DevWordPress Standalone Kit
Odoo Community EditionXWiki
Open Liberty in Kubernetes

Env Start/Stop SchedulerHTTP/3 Premium CDNNew Relic APM
File SynchronizationionCube Add-onNGINX Amplify
Git-Push-Deploy Add-OnLet’s Encrypt Free SSLTimeZone Change

How To Install A Solution From Marketplace?

Here is an instance of installing a packaged solution by using the Marketplace;

1. In the Marketplace window, you can search for a specific application by using the ‘Search’ box at the top-left corner of the window.

2. Here, we will take WordPress Standalone Kit as an example for installation. Choose it from the results that you get after the search and quickly open the installation frame. You can also find it from the needed solution manually from the categorized list (in our case it’s in the Content Management section). Go over the application for more information and click the Install tab.

3. Depending on that particular application you will have to fill in some essential information to customize the solution as per your requirements.

Click the Install tab to continue.

4. The installation setup will take several minutes depending on the selected options. 

5. Once all the required configurations are done you will come across a success prompt. In UKHost4u it will also give administration data as shown in the illustration. This will also be shared using appropriate mail. 

Tap on the Open In Browser tab, next. 

6. That’s it! Your all set to work application will launch in a new browser tab.

Have the best experience using your application.

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