VPS vs Dedicated Hosting – Which Should You Choose?

Choosing the correct hosting for you can be difficult and confusing. There’s a variety of options, and it’s important to weigh all the factors when considering which package to choose. This blog post will explain the features of VPS hosting and dedicated hosting, and the differences between the two.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers are when many virtual servers are hosted on one physical machine node, with each server operating as an independent machine – complete with it’s own operating system, storage and resources.

In a VPS node a hypervisor controls the resource allocations for each virtual server, and will typically allocate resources to the server which needs it more while ensuring that the other accounts don’t suffer as a result. This means that a VPS will offer much higher performance over a shared hosting platform.

As a VPS acts as a fully independent server, you’re able to customize every aspect of the setup from the operating system to the software. Typically installed with WHM/cPanel preconfigured and root access provided, you have full control over the virtual server.

Virtual Servers are also fully scalable, so any upgrades or downgrades are quick and easy to do as they are managed by the hypervisor. This gives you a lot of options if you ever decide to upgrade your setup to accomodate a more resource-heavy application or website.

Dedicated Hosting

A Dedicated Server is the most powerful hosting option.  You can compare a dedicated server to a house – you own it and everything inside it. Storage, memory, and other resources are not shared between other customers or accounts. You will have all the resources of the server at your disposal.

As it’s a single physical machine with many different components, as opposed to a virtual server on a shared hardware node, it will usually be more expensive compared to a VPS.

With a Dedicated Server, you will have the highest level of control. Often the hosting provider will give you access to the KVM, and you will have shell access allowing you to customize every aspect of the server as you see fit. While VPS packages will often come pre-configured with a control panel, dedicated servers usually offer the choice of a regular LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) setup with a control panel, or a barebones operating system with no additional software or features.

Upgrading a dedicated server is more complex, as it requires removal and replacement of the physical components as opposed to just assigning the resourcing. For this reason, hosting providers will typically migrate the customer to a better server instead.

Which Should I Choose?

There are several different factors to consider here. The most important consideration will be the resources you need for your hosting. You should consider Dedicated Hosting if you require any of the following:

– A very large amount of visitors requiring lots of bandwidth

– More powerful hardware to run applications or scripts

– Maximum storage capacity

If you require a specific hardware setup then a dedicated server will be your best option, as resources aren’t shared with other virtual servers on the node.

You should consider VPS hosting if you require a more affordable alternative with slightly less performance, but the option to scale up your resources if necessary.

VPS hosting is ideal if you want to start out with a fast website, and if you find that you need the extra resources of a Dedicated Server you can always migrate in the future if necessary.

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