How to move website hosting from one company to another?

How to move website hosting from one company to another

Assistance for transferring your website.

Transferring your website from one hosting provider to another shouldn’t be a complex undertaking. Nevertheless, certain providers might not facilitate the process willingly, as they naturally prefer to retain your business.

There could be multiple motives prompting you to switch away from your current hosting provider:

  • Their pricing proves to be overly steep.
  • The allocated resources fall short of requirements.
  • The support services lack responsiveness.
  • The control panel lacks user-friendliness and intuitiveness.
  • Alternatively, their security measures are inadequate.

Now that you’ve made the choice to part ways with your current hosting provider, it’s likely that you wish to preserve your website in its current state.

In this article, we will endeavour to elucidate the simplest methods for transferring your website from one provider to another.

IMPORTANT: Certain providers may not readily facilitate your departure, and the solutions we suggest might not be viable with your existing provider.

1. Obtain a complete backup from your previous hosting account.

Account backups hold significant importance as a precaution against any potential issues that might arise with your website. These backups can swiftly and effortlessly reinstate your account to a functional state.

To begin, log in to your cPanel. Next, proceed to the “Backup” section within the “Files” category.

This will lead you to the backup management interface, granting you the ability to both download and restore account backups.

Have a look at our dedicated knowledge base article to download a full or partial backup.

2. Upload your backup to your new hosting account.

After obtaining your complete account backup, the next step is straightforward. Log in to your new hosting account and access your Hosting Control Panel. Proceed to upload your backup within this panel.

In this instance, we’ll illustrate using the cPanel interface.

Begin by selecting the “Backup” icon located in the “Files” section. Following that, click on the blue “Upload a Full Account Backup” button and choose the file you recently downloaded.

That concludes the process!

3. Update your Domain Nameservers

After you have transferred your files to your new hosting account and are prepared to make the transition, proceed by updating your Domain Nameservers.

Wondering how to locate your new domain nameservers? Typically, these are provided along with your new hosting account details. If you’re unable to find them, don’t hesitate to inquire with your provider.

While propagation times might extend up to 24 hours, in most cases, the process is completed sooner.

Once your domain nameservers have been successfully updated and propagated, perform a final comparison between your former and new hosting accounts to ensure no oversights have occurred.

With this accomplished, you can confidently terminate your old hosting account, free from concerns.

4. Don’t Forget to Transfer your Domain

We strongly recommend transferring your domain to your new hosting provider as well. This consolidation allows you to maintain and manage everything in a unified location, and the good news is that the process is quite straightforward.

Depending on your Top-Level Domain (TLD), the method for transferring your domain could vary. If you’re uncertain, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from your new provider.

For instance, if you possess a domain, transferring it can be conveniently accomplished using a IPSTAG. On the other hand, if you have a .com domain, you’ll need to initiate a domain release and obtain an EPP code.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that certain domains are subject to transfer restrictions before and after specific timeframes. Make sure to consult your domain provider for precise information.

What if your present provider doesn’t permit you to depart as effortlessly as that?

Indeed, it’s a fact that no hosting provider would be delighted to witness your departure. While some may honour your choice, others might deliberately introduce complexities or almost insurmountable obstacles.

Chances are, your provider delineated this condition from the outset, particularly when they extended their website builder services to you. Regrettably, the website you’ve built within their framework might lack the possibility of being backed up and stored elsewhere.

Even worse, you might have recently come to realise that leaving with your website is an unattainable feat, owing to their strategic design that tethers your website exclusively to their solutions.

Although we hesitate to raise false expectations, the most viable options at your disposal, if your intention is to depart, are as follows:

  • Request your website files in exchange for a specified compensation.
  • Embark on creating a fresh website with your new provider.

At UKHost4u, we wholeheartedly trust in the calibre of our offerings. We firmly believe in the contentment you’ll experience. Nevertheless, should you decide to part ways with us, we commit to maintaining a seamless process, allowing you to effortlessly back up your files and terminate your hosting whenever you choose.

Require assistance, Have a question?

At UKHost4u, our team is at your service around the clock, day and night, to address any queries you may have. In need of our support? Just reach out to our incredibly amiable staff through our live chat or ticket system. We take great pleasure in assisting you.

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