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Handling the domainadmin-domainexistsglobal error

Have you seen the following error while adding a domain or subdomain within cPanel?


This is a pretty common issue that occurs when there is a pre-existing DNS record or domain. To get beyond this issue, you need to check the DNS zone of the corresponding primary domain. You then need to check if there is a DNS record already added for the subdomain or addon domain that you are trying to add.

In case a DNS record already exists, you can’t add a new domain until you delete the corresponding entries

If a DNS record does not exist, then you need to make sure that there is no subdomain present and related to the same primary domain in the cPanel

If no subdomain exists, then the next step is the check for an existing DNS entry. There may be an existing DNS entry of a previous DNS management. Removing this DNS entry may also resolve your problem

Checking DNS records in cPanel

DNS editor in

Click on Domains

You will encounter a screen similar to below

DNS editor in

Click on Manage – in order to change the DNS values

And then ‘Modify the Zones’

You’ll see a screen like below

DNS editor in

Once you are in the DNS editor, you can edit the DNS zones where you can change a record or add a new records

DNS editor in

That’s it. That’s how you resolve the error.

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