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How To Change FTP Account Password In cPanel

Changing password of your FTP account is not difficult. Here are the steps to do it within cPanel:

Here’s where you start – Login first to your cPanel account (using your existing cPanel credentials)

  • Choose the category “Files” within the cPanel Home Screen
ukhost4u change FTP account password
  • Locate and click on the “FTP Account”.
  • Once you are inside the the FTP accounts screen, navigate to FTP accounts section and click on “Change Password”.

Below screenshot shows you where exactly to navigate to:

  • You will then see the new password fields and can continue typing in your desired password. Here is how it will look within cPanel
  • Once changed, click on the orange “Change Password” button

By the way, you also have an option to use the automatic “Password Generator”, which will help you to generate an automatic password. Of course, you will have to either save that password on your system, or remember it for future use.

After this, you will be transferred back to the FTP Accounts screen.

That’s it. That’s how you change your FTP password within cPanel.

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