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How To Change FTP Account Password In CPanel

Login to your cPanel account.

From the category “Files” within the cPanel Home Screen, locate and click on the “FTP Account”.

Once inside the FTP accounts screen, navigate to FTP accounts section and click on “Change Password”.

You will then see the new password fields and can continue typing in your desired password.

Kindly follow the requirements for the password to be entered on the fields.

Also, you have the option to use the Password Generator.

Using the “Password Generator”, you can have the option to choose which characters are to be used for the password that will be generated. After generating the new password, take note or remember the password and tick box for “I have copied this password in a safe place” and click on “Use Password” button.

You will be transferred back to the FTP Accounts screen.

Once the password has been entered on the fields, you can continue to click on the “Change Password” button and you will see a green bar indicating that the change password process is done successfully.

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