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How To Create A Domain Alias In Plesk

A domain alias is where two or more domain names refer to the same website content in a hosting account.

Essentially a domain alias allows a website to become available from another domain name.

For example, could be a domain alias of, and they would both display the same content if a user searched for either URL in a web browser.

Domain aliases can be created in the Plesk control panel by following below steps –

  1. Login to Plesk with valid credentials
  2. Click the Websites & Domains section on Plesk Dashboard
Websites & Domains option in Plesk

3. Click the Add Domain Alias button.

Websites & Domains section in Plesk

4. Users now will be taken to a page where the user can enter the details for the new domain alias you wish to create.

Add a domain alias screen in Plesk

5. User must enter the name for the domain alias the user wishes to create

6. Choose the domain to which the alias should point.

7. Users can choose whether to synchronize the DNS zones, enable the web and mail server, and redirect the website with an HTTP 301 code.

8. Finally, click OK to finish creating the domain alias.

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