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How to raise a support ticket

Here’s a list of indicators you can use to help us help you get to a solution faster:

  1. Always raise the ticket with the email address associated with the Billing/Client’s Area account you have with us.
    • We’re not authorized to make any changes to accounts without the confirmation of the service’s owner.
  2. Provide details relating to the issue such as the IP, domain, email, file or services affected by the issue.
  3. Cleary state the issue that you’re having by responding revelant questions in the ticket:
    • What were you attempting to do when the issue appeared?
    • What were the steps you took to generate this error/issue? (ignore if the answer is within the first question)
    • How was it suppose to look/function if there was no issue?
  4. Provide us with a screenshot of the error/issue you’re getting. 
  5. If you’re having connection difficulties provide us with your IP Address ( ) and traceroute result screenshot ( ).
  6. Because the owner is the most experienced user with the website/emails, if you think or have an idea what caused the issue please share it with us.

A couple of things you might want to check before raising a ticket:

  1. If your emails or website stopped working:
    • Check if your domain/hosting is not flagged as expired in billing/Client’s Area.
    • Check if your IP is blocked on the server firewall by going to (Billing/Client’s Area) the top menu optio ‘Manage Firewall’ > ‘Firewall Manager’ > Unblock IP, type your IP and click “Check IP Block”.
  2. If your website is not loading properly:
    • Check the error_log file for recent errors within the location of your website files.
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2 thoughts on “How to raise a support ticket

  1. Despite having a valid SSL certificate we keep getting the info icon instead of the padlock, saying that “your connection to this site is not secure”, even if https:// is entered.
    As the melon servers are down please reply to

    Can you advise.?

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