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How To Whitelist A Domain Name in ASSP

Whitelisting an email address is when you signal to the spam filter that the email address in question is legitimate and not spammer. Emails from whitelisted addresses will always be received successfully.

ASSP lets you whitelist all incoming emails from a certain domain name. The method for achieving this is much the same as for whitelisting a single email address.

Below are the steps to whitelist a domain name in ASSP –

Either the user can directly send an email to or try the below steps –

  1. Login to the ASSP web interface option in the cPanel
  2. Select Whitelisting domain option
  3. Select the option “Whitelist An Address”
  4. Enter the domain name or an email Id which you want to whitelist
  5. Click “Apply Changes”
  6. Logout of the ASSP web interface
  7. Rebuild spamdb in the ASSP
  8. For rebuilding spamdb , go to Grscripts ASSP Deluxe option and select “Rebuild SPAMdb” option

Sending Email Option –

Send an email to (replacing with your domain name), and in the body of the email just include the domain name you need to whitelist.

This should be in the form of * (where is the domain name to be whitelisted).

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