TubeSpanner brings AI to YouTube content
creators with UKHost4U cloud

The YouTube phenomenon just keeps on growing, but how do content creators thrive when there’s so much competition?

TubeSpanner is here to help. It’s an AI-powered tool that helps content creators plan, script, publicize and optimize their YouTube videos and channels – take a free trial at

The Requirement

Conceived by software engineer, entrepreneur and influencer Danielle Hallett, TubeSpanner began development in 2017. In the early stages of the project, a couple of hosted Virtual Private Servers were sufficient for development, but as the application grew and moved towards a public launch, TubeSpanner needed a fully flexible cloud hosting environment that could offer more scale.

“We looked at large cloud providers like AWS and Google, but unless you’re paying them five figures plus per month, you basically get no support,” Danielle says. “Paul and the team at UKHost4U took care of it for us – configuring and managing the infrastructure, so we can just focus on creating and delivering an amazing product.”

The Solution

The UKHost4U team was delighted to help. “Even with tech-savvy customers like TubeSpanner, it’s not uncommon for them to look for help with the cloud infrastructure,” says CEO Paul Hughes.

“We now run eight or nine different development, staging and production environments for TubeSpanner, with load balanced web servers, Galera clustering, node.js cloudlets for the AI components and more, connected to TubeSpanner’s Git repositories.”

“Behind the scenes there’s a lot going on in the infrastructure stack, but our job is to just make sure it’s fast and reliable, that it’s easy, transparent, available and fully supported for the customer,” Paul adds.

The Results

UKHost4U uses Virtuozzo Application Platform to automate its cloud infrastructure, which helps the team provide a fully managed, supported advanced application hosting experience at an affordable price.

“We’re really happy with the cloud technology and support we get from UKHost4U,” says Danielle, “and unlike the big cloud providers, it doesn’t cost the earth!”