What is UKHost4u Pay-Per-Use Pricing Model?

What is UKHost4u Pay-Per-Use Pricing Model

Pay-Per-Use Pricing Method

Usage-Based Resources Allocation

Each and every containers hosted within UKHost4u Cloud Web Solutions has been divided in units or cloudlets.

One cloudlet corresponds to 128MiB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU.

Every hour, our system will measure how many cloudlets inside each containers were used and will bill only those resources.

Of course, you can easily set up a maximum scaling limit for each environment and container. In case of load spikes or other usage consumption our system will scale your environment automatically.

No matter how high you set up the scaling limit, our system will only bill you for the real consumption and used resources. The remaining resources are simply “waiting” in the pool for your web applications or sites to request them.

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t pay for unused and dormant resources, only used resources are billed. Feel free to contact our Support Team here if you need more information about our pay-per-use pricing method.

After a few hours or days, you’ll be able to check how high or low goes your resources usage and set up alerts or automatic scaling so your applications are always optimized and cost-efficient.

Scale Your Environment As You Grow Your Business.

With UKHost4u’s pricing, you only pay for your real consumption, not for a limit you rarely reach.


With UKHost4u Cloud Solutions platform, you can manage and set your scaling limits at anytime. You can start low and with a few nodes only and add more as your business grows.

How to track your Cloud Solutions Expenses?

Once registered, you will access your 14 days FREE trial. During this period you can track your real consumption of you web applications or sites and their total hourly, daily and monthly costs.

Directly when creating an environment, you can see the estimated price and check statistics for Disk, RAM, CPU, network bandwidth and review all the charges applied for the resources used.

By keeping an eye over the amount of resources your sites and applications are using, you can plan your budget and control all your expenses.

14 Days Free Trial.

With UkHost4u Cloud Solutions you are not limited. You can build your own custom applications and sites but also manage them completely from A to Z.

If not infinite, the possibilities offered are almost limitless. The only limits are the ones you set for your environments.

Try FREE our Cloud Solutions Platform during 14 days and see for yourself.

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