4 Things To Consider When Hosting A Gaming Server

What is a private gaming server?

If you want to host a tournament, use modifications or create a private environment to play the game of your choice, you’re limited with regular servers. What if you want to customize the setup of the server you’re playing on, or the game itself? If you’re experiencing bad connection due to server location, how can you overcome this? A private gaming server may solve these problems for you.

New gTLDs – An affordable alternative to traditional domain names

Forget regular domain names, gTLDs are the new player in town!

Special offer autumn

So you’ve gone to order your desired domain name and discovered that the .com is taken, you are left with a tough choice. Which domain name should you choose for your company? Should you choose a different domain name entirely, or go for a different extension? With the number of extensions rising, it can be difficult to understand which domain name is the best fit.

iPhone8 iOS 11 Gold Master Leaks (X) Marks the Spot!

iPhone 8 iOS 11 GM Leaks! Will Tim Cook have anything left to say?


There’s a huge hole in Apples bucket, and it’s becoming clear that the iOS 11 Gold Master code leaks have been gifted to us by a disaffected Apple employee, rather than a malevolent hacker. Apple is set to launch its new flagship, now believed to be called the iPhone X tomorrow at 6.00 pm BST, but these latest leaks have surely left Apple CEO Tim Cook with nothing more to say.