Planned Network Maintenance 13/04/2016

We would like to announce upcoming maintenance on our network which will affect some UKHost4u services. One of our routers is being replaced and upgraded to significantly improve network performance for the benefit of our customers.

Date of work: 13/04/2016
Start time: 05:00 local time

We anticipate the interruption to service will not exceed approximately 10 minutes but may take longer. Our network operations engineers closely monitor the work and will do everything possible to minimize any inconvenience to you.

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Installing R1soft with cPanel agent and MySQL backups

We have recently started to use R1Soft for all our server backups and have found it to be a far better tool to the options included within cPanel by default as it allows backups to be held externally. The reasons we found it useful were:

  • We don’t need to use much local space to create backups
  • Customers have a control panel tool and can revert to different Recovery Points
  • It offers the option to recover the server in full if the system fails

We did though find a few things that must be considered before using R1Soft especially with cPanel:

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Email Spam Protection Solution

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Over the past decade or so, out of the trillions of email messages that were sent each year, more than 50% (and in some years, 75%) of messages were unsolicited bulk emails known as spam. These messages, numbering in the hundreds of billions, cost firms worldwide an estimated $100 billion annually in technical costs, lost productivity and related expenses. Spam is indeed a major thorn in the side of anyone in the world who is in any way connected to the internet.


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What is spam?

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