How To Make Money From Web Hosting

Web hosting is undoubtedly a fundamental part of your online presence, allowing you to reach out to your viewers easily, manage your communications in one place, and help push products in your online store. But you might not be aware that you can make money from web hosting without needing to rent space in a data centre or purchase your own servers.

You might be wondering , how can I make money from web hosting? Well, look no further – in this blog post we will explain some of the easiest and quickest ways you can make money from web hosting without past experience or lots of time to spend!

Become a hosting Reseller

Hosting with a Reseller Hosting plan has emerged as an incredibly popular way to make money from web hosting. If you’re on a Reseller Hosting plan you will typically have access to all the resources of a standard shared hosting package as well as many other extra features.

Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where the account holder has the ability to allocate resources of their hosting account to other users allowing them to host separate websites. Typically you will find that the account owner will designate specific allowances of storage space and bandwidth to each individual account, providing the third parties with their own hosting package. Resellers are also able to design their own packages complete with pricing structures and addons, allowing them to act as their own hosting provider.

Think of reseller hosting as owning an apartment complex. As the owner of the apartment complex, you are able to lease out individual apartments for a set price. You don’t need to build the apartments from scratch as the infrastructure is already there. Reseller hosting mirrors this in that the servers are already deployed and configured, so the tools you need to provide hosting are already there.

As a Reseller, you can cover the rental price of your server space by renting out space in your account, and even earn a significant extra income from this. We find that many resellers act as their own hosting provider and there is potential to become extremely successful doing so. If your existing clients are in the digital industry in fields such as web development or web design, providing hosting for them can also help increase your income without needing to invest time in expanding your customer base.

Become an Affiliate

Being a hosting Affiliate is one of the easiest ways of earning money from web hosting. While you may not see results instantly, the time taken to set it up is very minimal and much less time-intensive compared to maintaining a reseller hosting account.

Affiliate marketing is the term used to describe when a section of your website is used to promote another website, in exchange for them providing a commission or payout when a certain action is taken upon said promotion. Typically, Affiliates are paid a percentage commission or set monetary commission on sales made after the visitor has accessed the advertisers website through the promotional material on the Affiliate’s website.

Put more simply, the process is as follows – the Affiliate first agrees the commission rate and promotional materials with the advertiser, and the promotional material is then published on the website. When a visitor accesses the advertiser’s website through the Affiliate’s website, their activity is tracked, and if a purchase is made then the Affiliate is rewarded a commission on the sale.

There are many benefits to Affiliate marketing. Integrating promotional material can be relatively quick and simple – the most common materials are promotional banners or sidebars, which can be created without much graphic design experience. Once the promotional material is in place, there’s no extra work that needs to be done. All you need to do is make sure that the advertisements stay in place, and wait for the money to roll in.

Provide Hosting from your dedicated server

A Dedicated server solution can provide you with the opportunity to make extra money as well. Similar to Reseller Hosting, you can create accounts on your dedicated server and resell them on to customers looking to host their website. With an interface such as Web Host Manager, everything is customizable – from hosting packages, to resource allocations.

This can be very useful if you already have a dedicated server for other uses. If your customers are looking for web hosting you can designate a portion of your dedicated server for hosting accounts, eliminating the need to purchase additional servers.

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