Blogging for beginners

Want to know more about how to start writing a blog?  Look no further, because we’ve created the definitive guide on everything you need to know about getting started on your new blogging adventure. 10 steps to starting your blog  To make the information easier to digest, we’ve arranged the content into segments so you […]

WordPress SEO Guide for Beginners

Our guide to optimising SEO for WordPress beginners explains the purpose behind Search Engine Optimisation, and how to use the capabilities of your WordPress Content Management System to improve your site’s search rankings. If you did not read our a basic introduction to the WordPress dashboard, then you can do that here.  SEO – a […]

Operating the WordPress Dashboard admin area and panel

This guide provides a clear and cohesive overview of the WordPress Dashboard and how to operate its features. It will explain how to login to the Dashboard, or admin panel as it is also commonly termed, the different screen options and the tabs that you will see on the Dashboard menu.  We will also show […]

The best DevOps tools for Java applications – 2021

Traditionally, the separation between software development and IT operations teams has caused many problems throughout the development process. In recent years however the concept of ‘DevOps’ has quickly gained traction, bringing a new approach to increasing productivity and efficiency in production environments.   DevOps as a concept, is the integration of development and operations...