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Application hosting environment: The whys and whats

Not too long ago, any company hoping to share an application with the world would have to set up, maintain and manage their own physical server. Today, thanks to advances in cloud computing and services like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, anyone can put their application online with minimal effort. Application hosting is […]

Steps to Setup a High-Availability WordPress Website

High availability is a measure of the ability of a system to maintain operations despite computer and network failures. High Availability is about ensuring that any system or process is available for use at all times. When you need your business website to be available at all times, high availability is non-negotiable. Introduction: What is […]

What is an Enterprise Cloud? Get The Full Picture

Large organisations require robust and reliable website hosting to ensure they are able to deliver a seamless experience. In the past, the best option available would be to invest in the infrastructure to host your website or application on your own servers, but cloud computing has changed all of this. Rather than pay for your […]

What is private platform as a service (PaaS)?

Cloud computing has paved the way for seamless collaboration from anywhere in the world. It is also changing the way companies access hosting services and making it possible to avoid the need to own the physical infrastructure. And while many hosting services make it possible to share a website, application or software with the world, […]

WordPress scalability: Full guide on how to set up

If you want to get your business online, you’ll need a website. And if you want your business to be able to grow seamlessly over the years, you’ll need a website that can keep up with growing demands. When we talk about building future-proof websites, we’re often talking about scalability, which is the ability of […]

Getting started with platform as a service architecture

When building an application, developers will have to choose how to deploy the end product. An application needs hosting infrastructure for individuals to be able to access it. Platform as a service architecture provides a developer with everything they need to be able to host and deploy their app to the masses. This rental model […]