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Cheap Hosting

On a tight budget? Our cheapest package for hosting your web site! There’s nothing wrong with being frugal and striving to save a few pennies here and there. In fact, we are equally interested in your business making it through the early-growth stage successfully and potentially evolving into a powerful enterprise.
Budget Web Hosting
£29.99 /year ex. VAT
  • 1GB
    Disk Space
  • 5
    Email Accounts
  • Linux with cPanel
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How Can We Afford To Offer Such Cheap Web Hosting?

You are probably wondering what compromises we have had to make in order to be able to offer UK-based web hosting so cheap. Well the answer is, very little!

Budget hosting accounts reside on the same servers as our Basic, Advanced and Business plans so we certainly don't place customers on low-end, overstretched hardware like other cheap hosting providers. The only difference between the Budget plan and the more expensive packages are the limits specified above. Disk space is the main limit but 1GB is ample for many users.

The truth is we offer Budget hosting at a loss to demonstrate to new customers what UKHost4u can offer. This is something we can afford to do given that our company has been operating for over a decade. We have a great pool of long-term clients, amazing in-house team and streamlined business processes that allow us to minimise running costs and pass those savings on to you.

We have a dedicated compact team maintaining all the hardware and sustaining the hosting environment to make sure that even our users on cheap web hosting plans receive the top experience.

UKHost4u offers Budget web hosting plans for £29.99 + VAT per year – a price you’d rarely get quoted anywhere else on the market. 
For an incredibly low price, you still get the robust performance and great functionality including;

Busting Common Myths About Cheap Web Hosting

Typically, if you choose to pay less for your hosting you might expect poor customer support, irregular service and limited resources. 

Budget web hosting customers receive the same standard level of support as everyone else. We guarantee a quality service for an exceptionally low cost.

An experienced customer service team is available at your disposal during standard opening hours. If you are running a small business or a website.

No Hidden Charges

We don’t try to fish extra money out of your pockets by constantly bombing you with additional add-ons or upgrade requests. If you are on a tight budget for hosting, we respect that.

Our company places ethical standards above chasing immediate profits, hence no strings attached. You choose the hosting plan you feel most comfortable with at the moment and we make sure you love the experience!

That said, you can easily upgrade from Budget hosting to Basic, Advanced or Business whenever should you need to. No downtime, no change of server. We can also migrate your hosting package to Enterprise hosting or even a full virtual/dedicated server should you wish. Scaling is easy with UKHost4u if your needs change in the future.

Package Features

1 GB Disk Storage
Ample storage for all your files, databases and emails!

Unlimited Parked Domains
Add as many parked domains (domain aliases) as you need for free!

Robust Malware/Spam Protection
Powerful malware and incoming spam protection included at no extra cost!
Unlimited Data Transfer
You won’t get charged for exceeding bandwidth limits. 

5 Mailboxes
Create up to 5 email accounts – all with POP3/IMAP/Webmail facilities, forwarding and autoresponders.

Script Installer
Install many different web applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and over 200 others!