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Account Status

There are two statuses of a UKHost4u account;

– Active

All your environments will be running if your account is active.

– Deactivated

In case of a deactivated account, you still have the access to UKHost4u dashboard. However, all your environments are halted and you can’t make any alterations or make a new one.

If you own a trial account then your account will be deactivated because of the trial period expiration. Once you transform the account into a billing one, it will be reactivated again.

In case you own a billing account then, it can be deactivated because of lack of money. Refill the account and it will be reactivated automatically. Click the start button to restart your environments manually.

– Suspended

If the user breaks any part or section of the agreement with UKHost4u then, your account will be suspended. Once the account is suspended all the environments will be stopped and you will be unable to sign in. Contact support to reactivate your user account.


When your account is destroyed, you will still be able to access the UKHost4u dashboard but all your environments will be deleted. You can’t recover the account.

This happens in two scenarios;

1.In case, the user itself asks to delete it.

2.In case your account is deactivated and you don’t take the required action to reactivate it during the specified time.

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