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Account Collaboration

Good collaboration implies systematically organised interaction amongst all the members of the team. This forms an important part of the development and release of superior products in big organisations. UKHost4u has come up with an account sharing feature to enormously encourage the procedure of joint development.

The prime ideology behind this is to allow organisations to make one primary account, where all the requisite environments are running and to share some or all the activities with other user accounts. 

All the accounts of a company are joined in such a way, to allow collaboration. Any user, irrespective of being at UKHost4u or not can be a part or leave the company’s collaboration.

There are two kinds of account in this concept:

  • Primary
  • User

The main billing company’s account is called a primary account. The owner of the primary account can handle the list of all the other collaboration users, mention their rights for attempting particular activities, choose the access to the shared inside collaboration environments, etc. All the prices for utilising shared environments are put on this account.

A user who is in collaboration can operate with shared environments of the primary or main billing account, be able to deploy the applications, modify configurations, go through or read the log files, see statistics and so much more. However, a collaboration user can not clone or migrate the shared environments.

When a specific environment is shared, only the primary account’s owner can regulate the other users to modify the environment topology, access the particular environment using SSH, and remove it. 

A user can also be permitted to make new environments on the main collaboration account. In that case, there will be no limitations for a trial user while putting up the environment. The primary account will bear the charges for any such environment usage.

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