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Create Environment Collaboration

A billing UKHost4u account is a prerequisite to creating your own collaboration and engaging other users to use your account. Here are some instructions you need to follow to attempt this:

1. From the top-right corner of the UKHost4u interface click on the Settings tab.

2. The Account settings frame will be launched. Click on the collaboration button to see two further sections.

  • Shared By Me
  • Shared With Me

Then, go to the Shared by Me section.

3. In the left sub-part of the frame, you have various tabs, Invite, Edit, and Unlink with which you can invite the users to join the collaboration, edit their right, or exclude them from the collaboration.

Here, click on the Invite button.

4. Write the email of the required user in the opened frame. 

If you want to give permission to the user for creating accounts then click the same-named button.

Now, click on the Invite button.

5. The mentioned user will get an email request with a confirmation link valid for 7 days. 

Once the user accepts the invitation by clicking on the appropriate tab, a user will be taken to the UKHost4u dashboard without entering the login credentials.

In case, the user is not registered with UKHost4u earlier then they might need to create an account first.

6. Once the confirmation is done, a user will be shown in the collaboration members list. Note that users are indicated with two different icons;

  • Green: allowed to create an environment on the primary account.
  • Blue: not allowed to create an environment on the primary account.
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