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Deployment Manager

You will find the Deployment Manager at the bottom of the dashboard and it is used for storing applications so that their deployment in your applications can be a bit simplified. You will see two subsections for giving support for the following deployment kinds;

  • Archive: It keeps the application packages that can be uploaded from your local device or an outsider link.
  • Git/SVN: it saves the direct link to your project inside the remote Git/SVN repository and the suitable access credentials if required.

Application Archives

1. The Archive tab inside the Deployment Manager segment lets you see all the application archives saved in your account. The list gives the following information:

  • Name: This tells the name of the archive that has been uploaded.
  • Comment: Custom note for your application
  • Size: Size of the archived application.
  • Upload Date: Date of the archive addition to the Deployment manager.

2. Click on the Upload tab given inside the dialogue box. Give the required file either from your local device or from anywhere on the Internet. 

Type in the Comment field if needed and then Upload it.

3. In case, you want to deploy an application from the Archives then move your cursor over the application and click on the Deploy To option appearing on your screen. 

Configure the deployment as per your needs inside the opened frame.

4. The archives that are no longer required can be deleted by choosing them using the correct checkboxes and then by clicking the Delete tab at the top of the section.

Now, you understand how the Archive tab inside the Deployment Manager works and can be utilized for deploying your application packages. 

Git/SVN Projects

1. The Git/SVN section of the Deployment Manager saves the link to the remote repository with your projects and if needed, the suitable authentication details. 

2. Click on the Add Repo tab, to add a project and enter in the fields of the displayed Add Repository box.

  • Name: name of your application.
  • Select the Git Repo kind.
  1. URL: The suitable URL to the repository.
  2. Branch: the needed branch of the project
  3. Alternatively, select the Use Authentication check box and give either password or token or SSH Key depending upon the details.
  • Choose the SVN repo type
  1. URL:
  2. Login and Password: 

You can just add this project into Deployment Manager or click on the Add+Deploy to instantly start with the deployment of this application.

3. Move over the Git/SVN projects in Deployment Manager to have the Deploy to, Edit, and Delete options. 

That’s it! Now you can handle your VCS  projects inside the Deployment Manager only. 

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