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How To Create Or Delete A User In MySQL

MySQL is the open-source database management tool that allows users to connect and modify databases. MySQL is compatible with modern hosting platforms

MySQL also allows to create new users or delete existing users. Let’s see how it can be done through MySQL in cPanel

  1. Login to cPanel

2. Search for MySQL and click on it

3. MySQL Home Page opens

4. On the left side, select User Manager Option

5. On selecting the User Manager option, the user can select Add User option to Create New User

6. On selecting Add User Button, a new page opens up, where the user can fill in details of the new user

7. On filling in all details, the user can select Create Button to Create New User

8. For Deleting An Existing User, User can directly select Delete Button from User Manager Page

9. After clicking on Delete Button, a Confirmation Message is shown to the user. If the user confirms the delete option, the existing user is deleted from the system

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