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How to Set Up an Email Account on Outlook for Android

Outlook is a popular desktop email client with an Android version available for download through the Play store. Let’s look at how to add your email account to Outlook for Android.

First, open the Outlook application.

Now navigate to Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Add an email account.

Next, enter the email address you want to add to Outlook.

image of add account screen on Outlook Android

Tap Continue to proceed to the next screen.

You’ll then be prompted to enter your password for the email account.

image of IMAP account setup on Outlook Android

After entering your password, click the tick at the top right of the screen to finish adding your account.

Outlook will now attempt to automatically retrieve the settings for your account. If it’s successful, the account will be added to Outlook.

If Outlook is unable to automatically retrieve the settings for the email account, you may need to configure them manually.

Manual configuration

To configure the email account manually, just toggle the Advanced Settings option when adding the email account.

You’ll now be able to manually enter the server settings for your email account.

image of manual configuration on Outlook Android

To finish adding the email account just click the tick mark at the top of the screen.

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