How to Change an MX Record in cPanel

Mail Exchanger(MX) records indicate where emails are being processed. MX records are used by DNS servers to specify where incoming mail should be routed for a specific domain names. If the user is using default settings for hosting website and handling emails then the user does not need to make any change in MX records. […]

How to create a Domain Alias/Parked Domain in cPanel

A domain alias, or a parked domain, is where multiple domain names take you to the same single website. Think of it as essentially having multiple front doors to the same location – while the domain names themselves are different, they take you to the same website. Parked domains are used to point a different […]

How to View your Disk Usage in cPanel

cPanel allows you to view exactly what files and directories are taking up the most disk space in your hosting account. First, login to cPanel. Now navigate to Disk Usage in the Files section of cPanel. You’ll now see a list of all directories in your hosting account, followed by the amount of disk space […]

How to Manage Database Users in cPanel

Creating and Managing Databases using MySQL in cPanel is very straightforward. To access MySQL, the user first need to create users.In MySQL, users are added to the database and assigned relevant usernames and passwords. Let’s look at managing database users in cPanel. First, login to cPanel. Now navigate to MySQL databases, in the Databases section. […]

How to Download an Account Backup in cPanel

You’d have seen your iPhone asking you to backup data to iCloud. There’s a reason. A data backup can come in handy to restore settings to their original state. Similarly, your websites and accounts need backup too. Have you imagined what would happen to your data in case of no backup? A number of website […]

How to Create a Directory with the File Manager

Thanks to cPanel’s intuitive UI, important tasks for your website or server can be completed in just a few clicks. Creating a directory within the File Manager is a fairly easy process. So, if you’re asking yourself the basic question of “How to create a directory”, then you’re at the right place. Below is the […]