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How to Create a Directory with the File Manager

Thanks to cPanel’s intuitive UI, important tasks for your website or server can be completed in just a few clicks. Creating a directory within the File Manager is a fairly easy process. So, if you’re asking yourself the basic question of “How to create a directory”, then you’re at the right place.

Below is the step by step process to create a directory with File Manager 

  • Login to cPanel with valid credentials

  • Now navigate to the File Manager in the Files section. You should be looking for something like the below:
screenshot showing file manager in cPanel
  • Once you’re within the File Manager section, navigate to the ‘+Folder’ option. This lets you create a new directory.
screenshot showing add folder in cPanel
  • Now enter the name for the folder(basically referring to the directory), as well as the directory that you want to create the new folder in.Here’s a screenshot depicting how this should look like for you
screenshot showing new folder options in cPanel
  • Finally, click on the Create New Folder button to finish adding the new directory.

Voila, your new directory is now ready. You should see this new folder listed in your file manager. That was it. Following these simple steps, you can also create a new directory, whenever needed using cPanel’s file manager.

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