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How Long Does a Domain Transfer Take?

Domain Transfer – It is the act of changing your domain from one registrar to another.

It can be hard to tell how long a domain will take to transfer as it can depend on other factors such as disabling registrar lock and obtaining the EPP authorization code.

As a guide, top-level domains (TLDs) such as .com domains can take up to 7 business days to transfer.

.uk domain names on the other hand are much quicker to transfer, and will usually finish transferring within 24 hours.

What is an authorization (EPP) code?

An authorization code (EPP code) is a code generated by a domain registrar when a domain transfer request for a top-level domain (.com, .net., .biz for example) is received. This authorization code is given to the customer, who then provides the code to the new registrar.

The EPP code specifies to the new registrar that the domain name is authorized to be transferred from the old registrar.

Steps of Domain Transfer

Also, there are three basic steps involved in domain transfer –

  1. Verification
  2. Preparation
  3. Submission
  1. Verification – This is the first step of domain transfer where user has to verify if the domain is registered with the current registrar at least 60 days ago and the domain is not on hold

2. Preparation – Next step is to prepare the current domain for transfer. Here, the user has to make sure if the domain is unlocked and have an authorization code from the registrar

3. Submission – This is the final step where the user will submit the domain for transfer.

Once the whole process is initiated, it usually takes around 6-7 days to complete the transfer

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