How to Modify your Hosts Files

Users can modify host files by overriding the domain name system(DNS) for a domain. By modifying host files, your hosting provider may offer you a temporary URL in the http://IP/~username format (where IP represents the server’s IP address and username represents the cPanel account name) to access your website. This is useful, for example, if you migrate your we...

How To Edit A DNS Zone In WHM

DNS Zone is the specific portion in DNS (Domain Name Space). It is the admin space as it allows the control of the DNS components.  DNS Zones contain DNS records for domain names, which are pointers specifying the location on the internet of different areas of your website or hosting account. DNS Zones for hosting […]

How To Edit A DNS Record In Plesk

DNS records are instructions that stay in DNS Servers and are information providers of the domain and the IP address associated with it. DNS records are used by nameservers to specify where a website should load from on the internet. Below are the steps to edit a DNS record in Plesk – 1. Login to […]

What are CNAME records?

CNAME records or Canonical Name records function as aliases for domain names of another canonical domain name. This is generally suitable to point domains with a subfolder to a subdomain within a single primary domain name. An example of its working is shown below with the URL: When this site resolves, it is seen […]