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How to build a high availability Apache Cluster

As websites grow and visitor numbers increase it becomes a requirement to scale your hosting environment to add flexibility and reliability. Using this guide we are going to look at how to scale Apache to support redundant nodes, load balancing and data syncing. High Availability Apache Cluster Apache is used by 35% of all web […]

How to Create Database, Tables, Data Types in MySQL?

In this article, we will describe how to do some of the most common MYSQL database administration tasks from the command line using the mysql command line tool. Note: this doesn’t cover the MySQL management tools included within the base cPanel installation. MySQL- Overview MySQL is the most popular open source relational database management system […]

Introduction to SEO with Google Lighthouse [New Guide: 2021]

Google phased out the algorithm that Google PageSpeed Insights uses, and in turn introduced it’s new comprehensive web performance and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) auditing tool – Google Lighthouse. Aimed at combining the analytical features of PageSpeed Insights and SEO, the tool provides countless useful features for web developers and SEO experts alike. As well […]

Why Your Business Needs Hosted Desktop Services

Any traditional office environment will house dozens if not hundreds of desktop computers used by employees to manage their work every day. Many thousands of businesses rely on these machines for their essential day-to-day operations, and without them they would incur massive losses in working hours, productivity, and ultimately revenue. Large-scale companies have even gone […]

Apache for High Load and Performance using PHP-FPM

THE PROJECT. We require to setup a high performance Apache Server which can also deal with a large amount of simultaneous connections. During our research we decided to use: Apache, PHP-FPM and Centos 7. During testing and research we also decided to use the Apache Handler MPM-EVENT as it showed a improvement in performance. The […]