How Can I Downgrade My Hosting Plan?

If you’re finding that you need to scale back your business, or you require less resources in your hosting plan, it may be time to downgrade. First, login to the Client Area here. Once logged in, go to Services > My Services, and select the hosting plan you wish to upgrade. Next, click Upgrade/Downgrade underneath Actions […]

How Can I Set Automatic Renewal for My Domain Name?

Setting automatic renewal for your domain name means that as long as you have a valid payment method saved on your account, you domain name will automatically be renewed. This can save you the trouble of manually paying invoice – which you may forget about! First, login to the Client Area. Next, navigate to Domains […]

How Long Will My Cancellation Take to Process?

Cancellations can be made at any time for any hosting plan you may have with us through the Client Area. Unsure of how to make a cancellation request? Click here. When requesting a cancellation, you can choose between two cancellation types. Immediate: This type of cancellation will submit a request to instantly cancel your hosting […]