Why you should choose a hosted VOIP system

Why you should choose a hosted VOIP system

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) has emerged as the go-to choice for anyone looking to set up a feature-rich, reliable phone system at a fraction of the cost.

Transmitting voice over data packets has been around for decades, however it’s traditionally been difficult or inconvenient to set up a VOIP system in an office or home environment. PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines have long been the norm for big businesses and individuals alike, but this method of communication comes with many drawbacks that most VOIP systems aim to resolve.

Hosted VOIP phone systems allow for any business or organization to set up their own private or public facing phone network quickly, easily and cost effectively. You can choose to take advantage of the many useful features of a modern IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) or use it the same way you would a regular phone system.

The technology behind VOIP systems has allowed many well known organizations to improve their communications and increase the reliability and quality of their telephone service. From health services such as the NHS, to banks and hotels, telephone communication is a fundamental part of the workplace. A VOIP system therefore has a place in any work environment.

This blog post will explain the main areas in which a hosted VOIP system can benefit you.

One of the benefits of a hosted IP PBX system is that you don’t need to worry about the cost of lots of additional hardware to host it on premise. Using a provider’s equipment means you don’t need to spend money maintaining and installing the hardware, as well as any bills associated with accommodating the hardware.

Making and receiving calls over an IP PBX system has always been much cheaper than traditional phone calls. Prices vary by SIP provider, but can be found as low as 60-80% of the cost of a normal phone call. You will only pay for the amount of simultaneous calls to and from your office, rather than the cost of renting the physical line.

UK call rates can typically be found as low as 1 pence per minute! With a hosted VOIP system, the running costs are a fraction of what you would pay for a PTSN phone line.

The money you will save on call rates, installation and maintenance alone makes VOIP systems a very attractive option for anyone looking to upgrade their existing communications system.

Using an IP PBX allows unrestricted mobility for your communications, with an abundance of smartphone and desktop apps it’s never been easier to keep in touch on the go. Forget data bills from your telecomms provider – as long as you have an internet connection, you can take advantage of all of the features of a VOIP system.

This can be useful in a huge variety of scenarios. If you need to travel to conduct business, meet new clients or promote your brand, you’re going to want to keep in contact with your team. If you’re relocating offices or your team is working remotely, a VOIP system allows you to stay productive and communicate effectively.

Without the need to stay near your desk phone you can use your phone system anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. This is one of the biggest deciding factors for people considering a VOIP system for their communications.

If you ever need to upgrade your system to accommodate more users, or to take advantage of the benefits of newer hardware, this can be difficult, expensive and time consuming with a traditional phone setup.

The amount of simultaneous connections you have to your phone system can be increased at the click of a button. Should you find that your company is growing and your current setup doesn’t allow for the amount of calls you need, this can be easily accommodated. If your company is downsizing and you don’t need the resources, scaling down your setup is a walk in the park.

With a hosted PBX system, scaling up your system can be done in seconds. Configuring new users can be done quickly and easily, with automatic phone provisioning you just need to send the welcome email to the new users. You no longer have to worry about manually configuring physical phones for each individual user.

Extensions can be added at the click of a button, and more communication channels can be added or removed as you see fit.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can contact anyone in your company or organization. Without the restrictions of physical phone lines, you can be available any time, any place. All the functions of a standard telephone can be used over an mobile data or WiFi connection, as well as the advanced features that many VOIP providers offer such as conference calls or multiple lines.

Connectivity is incredibly important for companies or organizations which operate in remote offices or at different geographical locations. It’s no longer a requirement to be in the same conference or meeting room with a VOIP system, which in turns helps boost productivity in your business.

IP PBX systems have the option to choose a Direct Inward Dialing number (DID). This is the same as a normal phone number in the sense that users on regular phone lines or mobile connections can reach you the same way they would call any number. Having a DID allows people to contact you through your mobile device or desktop client as if they were calling a physical number.

VOIP systems also come with an abundance of useful features.

A 3cx based IP PBX typically includes the following features, to name a few:

– Easy installation and configuration via the web-based management console
– Self-service User Portal for configuration
– Unified Messaging – receive voice mail and fax via email
– Auto-attendant/Digital receptionist
– Call forwarding with advanced rules by caller ID
– Call queuing
– Call conferencing
– Software based client for Windows and Mac

Features such as these help expand the uses of the phone system and allows for a business of any type to tailor the service to their fit.

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